Release 2017.01.08.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- It's weird typing 2017... are we feeling old lately?:D

- Fixed the blurring of DataGridView controls by overriding it and implementing double buffering (

- do not warn if baud rate is already set when connected with TCP and saving connection options

- remap scalar function clamps output to container size

- fix with movement panels allowing speed when RIGHT speed slider adjusted it also adjusted left

- Joystick Pad has more efficient code that calculates speed. If you experienced difficulty controlling movement panels that support speed control with joystick pad in mobile interface, that's been resolved in this release with some super duper behind-the-scenes math

- RoboScratch fixed a code generation bug

* There are corresponding Android and iOS updates with this release as well. Android will take a few hours, and iOS will take a few days for their respective AppStore review.
Awesome. Thanks DJ.
Blurring of DataGridView controls is a dead issue now! Nice work! Thanks.:D
I am having trouble with new release. Can't get computer to log into ezb. This has always worked before.

How do I find what release I am using and can I go to previous release to see if it is the causing the problem..

when you open the ARC look to the debug window (bottom popup black window)

something like this:


EZB 0:
EZB 1:
EZB 2:
EZB 3:
EZB 4:
New version of software is available!
Screen Resolution: 1024x768 (96x96 dpi)
Ellis, you have not pressed the connection button in ARC since January 9 at 11:30 am mountain time. At that time, the connect button was pressed and a successful connection to the ezb was established. Since that time, ARC has been loaded but the connect button has not been pressed, therefore a connection attempt has not occurred.

You can resolve the situation by connecting to the ezb wifi and pressing the connection button in ARC

For information on how to use ARC, consult the learn section of this website. Select learn from the top menu and choose your applicable course. In this case, the applicable course would be the ezb course, which contains an activity on how to connect to ezb wifi and press the connect button in ARC.

On a side note, I notice your project has the battery monitor voltage set to 5.5 volts. As the message states, if you're using a lipo, this could be quite dangerous. The lipo minimum voltage should be set to default of 7v. If you are not using a lipo and knowledable of your battery operation then please ignore this message.
Thanks everyone. I should have known better but I needed to reboot my computer. Once rebooted everything worked fine.

I really appreciate the community forum. Someone always helps me. Great Job !