Release 2015.05.16.01

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- specify the max number of objects that will be detected in camera device under Variables tab. The old maximum used to be hardcoded at 3. You may now select up to 20 objects to be detected. The position and size of each object can be accessed by EZ-Script Variables. Take a look at the Variable Watcher to see variables appear for each new object that is detected. Each object variable will be appended with a _# (i.e. _2, _3, _4...). You will see what I mean when checking the Variable Watcher once multiple objects are detected on the camera.

- camera device has "Use Grid Lines" option (default unchecked) in options menu. when not checked, the camera will work to keep the object in the center of the image rather than using the grid lines (affects servo tracking only). This is a new way to track objects rather than using grid lines - it's more effective and responsive servo tracking technique. If you want the old behavior, check the box.

- variable watcher auto sorts and auto resizes to adjust text to fit

- removed movement time that was specified for ssc-32 control (oops)

*Update: This release has been updated with a point release (2015.05.15.01) to resolve an issue with the Use Grid checkbox. It was reversed, oops
found all settings great ,thanks:)
Very interested in downloading and installing this version. Mostly the new camera device without grid lines. I've had quite an issue getting my project to work without looking quite erratic when searching. I think in part by how ARC processes the incoming camera data. I've always had this 3x3 search pattern show up, which I always assumed was the 9 sectors of the grid. I'm hoping without it, that will resolve the erratic behavior.