Release 2014.01.14.00

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This release has a few updates for the mobile designer support. I am actually working on the mobile app to work with EZ-B v3 this week. It will support some but not all of the EZ-B v3 features. The app is tailored for the EZ-B v4, but there is a bit of cross-over between the two platforms.


- Project Details displays a drop down for the default Control to load with Mobile App

- Mobile Interface Builder has some included templates. We will include more as time goes on.

- New EZ-Script Commands for EZ-B v4: GetVoltage() and GetCPUTemp()

- Mobile Interface Builder has a beta version of the Image Editor for editing your own background images rather than creating in Photoshop, Gimp or MS Paint. This app will eventually have more features.
I was thinking how to do something in ARC. Started it and a new version, I tried Mobile designer, and it works with version 3, Wow.

Now all we need is the app.

@jdebay ... what? LOL... Still napping or did ya' have a few brewskies?... What were you trying to say?;)
I like the app maker too. So how do we access these mobile apps from our phones and tablets? Have you released an app yet? Or maybe someone has leaked or will leak a link to download the current WIP build? *wink*
As I said, the Android App is being modified to work with the EZ-B v3 - so it won't be released until that's done. Tonight I can control a v3 with it. There are plenty of bugs with the communication protocol by attempting to be backward compatible... I'll spend more time on it tonight and probably see something online for you to download in pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-beta tomorrow
Thanks so much DJ and team for all the hard work! Dang it Why oh why did I buy this cheap Nokia phone which does not use Android :(...well maybe it will "fall" overboard" into the chuck and then I see an Android type in my future!:)