Release 2013.12.16.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

You're getting more and more excited about Revolution showing up on your doorstep, right? Well while the new manufacturing facility is taking care of their responsibility, I keep adding new features for you:)

- Assign title images when saving to EZ-Cloud

- Auto Positioner has faster and more responsive communication to EZ-B v3 and v4

- Transmission to both EZ-B v3 and v4 is a little bit faster:)

- New Sound servo EZ-B v4 control. Moves servos for any audio being sent through EZ-B v4 audio stream

- Soundboard EZ-B v4

- New Audio Stream codec for EZ-B v4 built into EZ-Builder

- Camera control GUI enhancements to Start/Stop and a few other buttons

- New EZ-Script command StopEZBAudio()

- EZ-Cloud fix for opening Public Files

- Audio Recorder for EZ-B v4 has Repeat option and can change pitch of your voice

- Audio Recorder for EZ-B v4 allows exporting audio samples to the SoundBoard EZ-B v4
Thank you so much for your dedication to the community and the product!
I just loaded a project from the cloud:) Thanks DJ Super Cool.
Thanks DJ, things are looking up......^
this version tells me that it error connecting to internet when checking for updates. I had to uninstall and go back to
version 2013.12.02.00
United Kingdom
No errors this end. Perhaps a coincidence and your internet dropped as you tried it? Or your internet settings/router/firewall/anitvirus may be the issue.
No issues here either, using three different PCs running Win XP, Win-7, and Win-8.