Release 2013.12.02.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release includes updates to the EZ-Cloud in preparation for the EZ-Robot App Store. This version is a enhancement to the EZ-Cloud which includes photos, more details and version history of files.

The future of the EZ-Cloud will include an App Store similar to your mobile phone. With Revolution, there will be more App categories, free, tutorial and paid apps. Because remember, all projects designed in ARC can now be run on your mobile device:)


- ARC support for EZ-B v4 now queries the 96-Bit unique identifier hardcoded in each EZ-B
- ARC supports new EZ-Cloud with images, descriptions and version history
- Wii Control has script for Start/Stop tracking

*Note: Only public files with descriptions are displayed in the EZ-Cloud as of this release!

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Dj said: "all projects designed in ARC can now be run on your mobile device"

Do you really mean ALL? We'll be able to do video tracking with mobile devices as the brain? Can we use the camera of the mobile device? (ie, could I mount an Android phone or tablet on my robot and have it be the embedded computer, and use its own camera -- and maybe other sensors)? If so, it opens up SO many possibilities, I'll need to buy more EZ-B's.

Tech, yes to all:)

Currently, not all ARC controls and features are supported. But a huge number are - including Scripting, Audio, Accelerometer, Auto Position, etc...

The mobile apps will be updated with the main ARC as new features are completed. Keep in mind that your mobile device will not run as fast as your PC.
Well, it may run faster than "my" pc.... ;)

Awesome news, as usual. Thanks DJ.
rough rough eta on app arrival? maybe? please?
First release will be near end of December, beginning of January.... But it only works with EZ-B v4 because the EZ-B v3 is a different communication protocol.
This will be incredible!
The robotic world is exploding! And I want to ride the shock wave! :D
That sounds amazing. Has anyone tried opening any files from the cloud yet? I can only seem to DL files that are mine. It won't let load any of the public examples or projects.
OMG, this just keeps getting better and better, this is a truly a ground breaking, evolving piece of technology! I am really looking forward seeing how these apps and a mobile devices work together.
Just wondering if anyone has tried to load any examples from the new cloud. I still can't load any of the public examples. I know I can still get them from the website but it would be cool to just load them from the new interface.
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Is it the "Error loading private file. Server was unable to process request. ---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error you get?

I get that message on all public examples I've tried however any public examples which I uploaded it works (to be fair I only tested my 4 wire hbridge example).
I get the same message here. I can load anything I've uploaded but nothing else.:(
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I know DJ mentioned something about only projects with descriptions will work now, which may have something to do with it. I updated my 4 wire h-bridge project last night with info, photo etc. can you try opening that one and see what happens (it's the one in the cloud with a picture other than the new EZ-Robot logo).
Wait. Does the app cost anything? If it does, how much?
@Rich, No luck. I see it and the new pic. Same error. Version history is there now with a load button but it does not in fact load.
@Rich, same error. But if I use a browser and go to cloud page, I can download it.

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Hopefully we've given DJ enough info to be able to fix it:)