Release 2013.11.25.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release includes updates for the new file format which is compatible with the upcoming iOS and Android mobile ARC App.

Any projects saved in previous versions of ARC will not work with mobile apps. There will be future updates for mobile support of ARC over the next bit...

To update to new version of file format, simply load your project in this version and save it.:)
Ooooh! cant wait for the app! Will you be able to copy controls off of old projects and save them under the new format?
Wow, things are starting to pop! Hope the V4's are close to shipping.
So if I open a project and resave it, will that updated it or do we need to create new ones to update them?:)
It appears more changes are in the pipe that may help with making earlier projects compatible with the upcoming iOS and Android mobile ARC App.
Absolutely nothing else beats EZ-Robot on the market!
its not a big deal to me really. i can allways start a new one, re-add the controls and copy/paste any scripts. theres bound to be some small syntax changes im sure but thats a given porting anything to anything. i was just wondering if it would be a simple matter of re-saving under the new file format. (I didnt notice any new formats, just ezb) i cant wait for the new board. im getting roli for xmas. im super excited.

thanks for the info guys.