Release 2013.07.03.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Here is an update to ARC with some small changes... The biggest is regarding the MMA755 Accelerometer.

- removed NeuroSky MindWave control

- Firmware updater logs to file in My Documents\EZ-Builder\Logs

- Better lighting in the 3D Viewer (designer, instructions, Bit Builder)

- MMA755 has script timer and variables

- new board image in controls help for EZ-B v3 Mini
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Thank you. Just in time, I ordered my MMA7455 the other day:)
mini-b is coming sooner than I thought... all the better because my rad is ready for a ez-b.
new board image in controls help for EZ-B v3 Mini! Does this mean what I think it does? Can you drop a hint when they will be available? Hope you have a pile on hand. They are going to sell like hot cakes. Maybe you should put a limit on how many one household can buy. Don't want RobotMaker to swoop in and buy out the store. ;)
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Not much info was "let slip" by DJ on the EZ-B Mini in this topic but we can all speculate on it.
@DJ Dude you are on holidays till next week you said. Take a break man. But thank you for the hard work.

Plus what is a MMA755?
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The MMA7455 is an I2C Accelerometer
When is the new SDK coming out?:D

SDK version is still:
Developer EZ-SDK Version 2013.01.29.00
Perhaps DJ has no reason to upgrade it. "If it aint broke, don't fix it" :)
Are there any features you see it needs to change or add? If so did you post the changes you would like? The EZ Robot team has been very, very busy in the past months. I'm sure they are on the "to do" list if you have mentioned any changes you need.
He mentioned in one of my threads saying the new sdk would be released in June. I think it was the 1st. The new feature I need is detect multicolor, and he said that would be included.