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In this update, we introduce an active Debug Window and a Port Summary Control. The Port Summary Control will be used to summarize your connections. When you use the Port Summary, every control that displays an image of the EZ-B will now default to a list of your connections for easy reference. You can easily keep track of peripherals connected to your EZ-Bs:)


- New control: Port Summary

- New Active Debug Window. Pops up to display debug information rather than occupying screen realestate with the old Debug Control.

- All servo settings default to their center location of 50. This way, when specifying max and min, you do not need to worry about damaging anything by having the servo move past it's structural limit.

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United Kingdom
And to think I spend time writing out my port list only the other day.

Great additions:) Especially the debug which I find I'm using more and more.
That interesting updates, I think I will enjoy the three immediately, and protect joints with mechanical servo position 50 in love:)
DJ you are fast at giving updates to EZB
I am having a problem with the Custom Movement Panel. It seems that the Speed Control part of the panel no longer functions. I can't seem to get it to change from 255 no matter what value I set it to. The Speed Value in the Custom Movement Panel changes if I use SetSpeed(XX) in a script, but the Speed Control part of the custom Movement Panel does not seem to change the value to anything other than 255. Not sure what revision this problem showed up in. I haven't updated in a while. Just downloaded the lasted revision.