Release 2013.01.16.00

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This release introduces a full enhancements only:) enjoy!

- ARC can now be run in Full Screen. Look under the Options tab for Preferences

- Window tab commands for Maximize, Minimize and Restore (in case you're in full screen mode)

- Custom Movement Panel includes a script option to execute when the Speed is changed

- New Examples -> Camera -> Change Tracking Color

- ARC checks for use of Period instead of Comma for decimal values

Custom Movement Panel
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Please think about having a independent Window for the Camera View for people who have multi monitors
Thanks Keep up the good work
Drag ARC across the multiple monitor desktop and resize the camera control to be the size of the desired monitor :). There will never be a Control that is within its own window outside of the ARC desktop. This is due to ARC being a "container" for "controls".
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I have never tried this but could another Windows program also access the camera and display the image full screen outside of ARC? Something like AmCap just to view the stream resized on monitor #2, or does Windows complain about it being used by two different applications? I'll try it when I get home.

You could always use the HTTP page with the camera view pointed at localhost as a second view to the camera (I don't believe two camera apps can access video at the same time, unless maybe they are explicitly built to share).

One of the items on DJ's 100+ item todo list (hopefully it didn't fall off the list) is to make a web page that combines video and movement controls on one page which will make remote control of bots from phones, tablets, or remote PC's really easy too.

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I just tried the camera in 2 applications but it says it can't connect to the camera in the second application, which I though it might do.

HTTP server could work but it displays a static jpg of the camera image so would need a constantly refreshing web page, putting further load on the CPU.

I think DJ's solution is the best solution.
Hmm.. Now I need to test when I get home. I thought one of the HTTP pages (other than the remote control page) showed a live (or only slightly delayed) video, not just snapshots. I'll update in a couple of hours.

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Ooh, it might do, I only had a quick test and I have to admit I haven't really touched the http server side of things. Now you've made me have to check again...

... Not on the HTTP part I couldn't find it but I did see you can use the stream in another ARC. So a solution could be to run 2 ARCs, add only the camera to the new one, paste in the URL for the stream ( on mine) and full screen that one.
1) Load ARC

2) If ARC is maximized, press the RESTORE icon (which is between the Close and Minimize button)

3) Click the edges of the ARC application, and drag the edges to each edge of your desktop size. If your desktop spans two or more monitors, drag across the monitors. You may drag the top, bottom, left, and right border.

4) Add Camera Control (Add Controls -> Camera -> Camera)

5) Click and house the mouse button on the titlebar of the Camera Control

6) Drag the mouse, and the control will move with it. Drag the Camera Control to the desired monitor

7) Similar to draging ARC to resize on the screen, drag the borders of the Camera control to size for the monitor.

8) To acheive a full screen effect, press the Hide Settings option on the Camera Control
I have Windows Vista in French. At the start of ARC I have the following error ... see photo. I changed my decimal separator settings to "." and that's ok. The problem is same as Firmware update.

This problem was not there in the previous version.


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DJ do you have a module for 2 camera's like 2 or 3d stereo
or will you be able to add it
DJ is there anyway you could get suppot for pandorabots because im going to use it for my first project which should be in a couple months after i pick up my omnibot and get the kit