Release 2012.12.19.00

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In this release, we introduce a collection of enhancements to existing controls and small bug fixes. I really like this release - the enhancements are very subtle and although you may not notice, you'll find the GUI becoming more comfortable and productive to work in. :)

- Key Control changes color based on focus. The control needs to be in focus for the Keyboard Control to work

- Added Speech Volume to Speech Settings

- New EZ-Script function: SpeakVolume()

- Intro has smoother fade transition

- New EZ-Script function: FileReadLineRandom()

- New EZ-Script variable $Direction which stores current movement direction

- New EZ-Script function: WaitForChange() which will pause the script until the specified variable/value has changed

- EZ-Script function: Move() has a fix when specifying Stop as a direction

- MP3 Trigger now displays 255 buttons and is resizable with scrollbar

- All ARC Controls have smarter resizing for different DPI displays

- Added "Virtual servo Ports", which range from V0 to V19. These can be used as "stubs" for extending the flexibility of existing ARC Controls. For example, look at the example "Example - Script - Joystick Switch Between Servos"

- Audio Display Graphs have smooth rounded edges

- Speech Recognition Audio Graph changes color depending on Pause status (red/green)

- AutoPosition Control (without movement) has bug fix for ControlCommand()

File Read Random Example
This project can be found in Examples, titled: Example - Script - File Operations
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Virtual servo Example
This project can be found under Examples, titled: Example - Script - Joystick Switch Between Servos
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Pretty Rounded Corners in Audio Graphs
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New MP3 Trigger Control
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Very Elegant Speech Recognition Control:)
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Thank you DJ for your continued , dedicated hardwork. You may call these updates subtle, but I call them subtleys...(The English term was derived from an older meaning of the word "subtle" with the meaning "clever" or "surprising) and good to eat! I am off to sample them :)
"- MP3 Trigger now displays 255 buttons and is resizable with scrollbar"

Sweet. Now my MP3 Trigger window won't take up half my screen. Love the other enhancements also. EZB is getting more elegant. Bill Gates would be envious. Once more', Thanks EZB team!