Release 2011.12.11.00

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- ARC v2011.12.11.00


- Modified servo Movement Panel allows you to select the position for Forward/Reverse values. This will support Sabertooth and other unconventional R/C Pulse Width mode hardware.
o.O would this mean you would no longer need individual scripts for every direction when using RC ESC's? This has to be tested! Back in 2 hours:P

Tested it, it almost works with RC ESC's. It'll go forward or backwards, but when you stop it, wont do anything else. To work the port should not be released (thats when the letters turn red right? On a vertical/horizontal servo panel?) but it should return to "neutral", which I hope is the same for every ESC and should be 35 (the middle of a vertical/horizontal servo panel)
Hi DJ,
Any chance of getting servospeed back soon? I mean after you do all the other stuff on your list.
Yeah, eventually. I had huge issues with it due to processor speed constraints. I have a solution, just need time to implement - test.
On the download page is says 2011.12.11.01. When I download it the version downloaded says 2011.12.11.00 . When I check to see if I have the most recent version is says I don't because there is 2011.12.11.01. What is up with that?