Release 2011.12.03.00

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Software Information

- ARC v2011.12.03.00


- New color tracking mode (Advanced Color). Removes other colors and tracks specified color

- Motion tracking speed increase

- Programmable Glyph Detection. Print four of the glyphs off and assign script commands to them.


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User-inserted image
ARC keeps getting better and better.... and better. The new features are as brilliant as always
Sweet DJ, nice work man! Now I need to get myself a camera!
Good job once again DJ, certainly some ignore the work that lies in each new update, hours of writing lines of code and supporting evidence. Thanks, now I can imagine that the neural connection is at hand!:P
United Kingdom
This is just awesome. I might even get a T shirt made with a Glyph on the front so my Robot can recognise me

Thank you DJ
@winstn60: that's a brilliant idea about a Glyph T-shirt!

@DJ Sures looks like another success. *cool*
Did I miss something? Where do I find the Glyph files to print out?
Right in front of your nose;) keep looking