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Your robot can now respond to Twitter Feeds! Also now speaks the news, weather and more!

This is a social media features update to EZ-Builder! It contains a few new functions and controls to interact with Twitter and RSS feeds. The new Twitter Recognition Control will allow your robot to respond to commands sent over Twitter. The new EZ-Script commands gives your robot the power to speak RSS and Twitter updates to you.

- New Twitter Recognition Control (Add Controls -> Misc -> Twitter Recognition)
- New EZ-Script SpeakRSS command
- New EZ-Script SpeakTwitter command


Read Most Recent News Example:


say("Here is the most recent news update")

speakRSS("", 0)

Read All News Example:


say("Here is the news!")


Read Third EZ-Robot Twitter Post Example:


speakTwitter("EZ_Robot", 2)

Read All EZ-Robot Twitter Example:


This is so cool! I copied it into my project to try it out. Does anyone know of good rss compatible websites for areas other than canada? :D
Is roboy ready to use? I started it up and connected my biped and ARC kept crashing. (version 2012.04.18.01)
Incredible, i post yesterday the subject "speech recognition and rss feed". And what i see when i wake this morning ? New update and EZ board can read Rss feed. You know what ? I'm happy :P.
Thanks DJ.
United Kingdom
Such awesomeness I've been playing with this all morning

To get my Twitter feed to work I had to untick this setting and to log onto to my Twitter settings in a browser

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Hi, there's a very little bug with RSS Feed. The time and date doesn't match the time zone. Which file should I edit to remove or change the reading of the date and time ?
It's not an ARC bug. It's an rss bug. Or better yet, lack of specification. Rss does not have a standard for date time formats. So most rss feeds use human readable custom formats. These are not easily parsed and sometimes bizarre things happen. So rss readers usually just display the pub date as a string, rather than parsing. Maybe I'll add a flag to the command to ignore reading the date.
Exactly, it's not a ARC bug. . I test the same link RSS with my AIBO and i have the same hours and date (15 novembre 2020). Something else, I use french SR and TTS and it works very well. But when ARC give hours, TTS say 10 hours 7 minutes and not 10 heures 7 minutes and i don't have this bug with Aibo. But it's not really important, all works fine.
I wish RSS had a better standard:)