Beta Release 2019.12.31.00

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- Happy new year!

- check for updating doesn't delay project loading with no internet connection

- additional cross thread protection when rendering video stream to screen

- display version information about plugins when ? is clicked

- various other ui and performance fixes

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Yes, Happy New Year to all!

I encounter some issues since this update with the camera.
I connect to the picamera from my raspberry pi through EZBPi server. The connection seems OK (no error from ARC and the server says that the camera is connected), but i see a black screen instead of the video stream, with some random appearance of the stream for less than one second, every few seconds. I tested also with a previous version (2019.12.19) and everything is OK.
This is when using ARC on Windows10. When using the Pi version of ARC (2019.12.25) I see no stream at all...
Hi @DJ, no it is the same with Blueberry.
It use to work before with the same version of Blueberry or EZBPi server, so it seems to be more on the ARC side...
Hi @DJ,

Sadly, it didn't solve my issue...
I tried to make some videos to show what happens:
Here is a screen capture with version 2019.12.06, the flux is OK:

Here is the same screen capture, but with the last version (2020.01.03), and you can see that the camera flux is mainly black, with some flashes:

Curiously however, if I do a video capture in ARC at the same time (with the last version), the recording is OK:

I hope it helps...