Beta Release 2019.02.18.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Calling all testers:)

This is a pretty significant beta update with changes that will hopefully be transparent to you. These changes are targeting our goal of providing cross-platform and the ability to compile application EXE's with user interfaces from your robot project. The update in this release has a number of back-end infrastructure changes that hopefully you shouldn't notice. And if you do, they'll be very noticeable because your robot won't move hahha:)

- open ezb window is not case sensitive for file extension (preparation for cross-platform)

- screen renderer updates. Performance and scrolling

- movement panels handle their own movement code through an event from the movement controller (needs testing extensive for each movemnet panel)

- ezbmanager holds the Movement Panel for public reference

- custom Movement Panel supports left and right speed option

- mobile interface in fullscreen mode smoother transition between pages. The last virtual window

- CloseControl() EZ-Script is supported in mobile interface fullscreen mode. The last virtual window

- moved sphero and mip from ez-b communication kernel to control

- AutoPosition Movement Panel moved from communication kernel into control

- display existing Movement Panel title if trying to add a second

- moved the Movement Panel registration to the FormMain
Busy boy this weekend...!!
Seems like there is so much new stuff all the time now...its great to see how fast things are evolving over here!!:D