Android/windows 2014.01.17.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

EZ-Builder Windows Changes:

- Speech Recognition control stops previous script if it is running in a loop when new phrase is detected

- Speech Recognition displays command output in window (i.e. Print("hello") will display Hello in the output window

- Script manual View has zoom in and zoom out buttons to adjust the size of the text

EZ-Builder Android Changes

- New Control (Variable Watcher)

- New Control (Horizontal/Vertical Servo)

- Additional fixes and enhancements...
I thought voice was still pending. (I haven't tried because that's what I thought.) In the videos I see DJ controlling Six with the tilt sensors in his phone, How would one go about connecting to the sensors it ones phone? What sensors are supported? GPS? Thanks.
Thank you so much DJ ! ...The VR additions are very helpful for me!
For Tilt I'm using the WiiMote control

You can load the Mobile example from the Examples folder of ARC
Cool DJ Thanks. I'm really loving the app. Is that the control you are using mostly in the videos? The WiiMote? I added the movement (left, right, ect..) in the app builder interface and it works on the pc but when I try to use it from my phone it doesn't work. It does connect to my V3:) I'll try adding the wiimote and see what happens. Thanks again.
I have a blackberry playbook just sitting around waiting to be usefull. Is there any plans to get the app running for the playbook.
Ant, is your Movement Panel supported in desktop mode? Not all controls are supported yet, as this is pre beta
Yep. It works on the PC just fine. Even through the mobile interface. If it's not supported yet, im cool with that. I just wanted to be sure it want just me missing something. I'll try the wiimote later today well as my tablet. Just been using my phone so far. Thanks again:)
Desktop mode in android app im asking about. Not all controls are supported in android right now because it's still in development. Is your Movement Panel supported in desktop mode?
Ok. I get you. No it doesn't. I added the wiimote and although I haven't gotten it to work, its interface pops up. Im using modified servo panel just to be clear. I was able to make buttons and use Servo(d0,100) Servo(d2,1) to simulate forward, you get the rest;) I've small tweeks to make later then I'll put the newest version in the cloud. in regards to the desk top, I've buttons for show 1 2 and 3 but they all only bring up desktop 1.
That's correct, only Desktop 1 is usable. This is a beta version of the app so not all the controls are there. It'll take a while for all the controls to be there. Some will never exist. You can see which ones are supported by viewing desktop mode and selecting the controls. If it says "unsupported" then that means it's not added yet - or may never be added. Expect newer versions to add more controls

Ps, I repeat myself for new readers:)
Cool DJ, I did notice that, that is how the desktop mode worked. I like it.

Is there a way to configure, say for example, the wiimote once its on the cloud and on your mobile? I ask because I'm not sure how to use my phone as the wiimote. Windows has issues with bluetooth and Motorola phones. I can send and receive files via bt but not really connect it to my PC so, I don't have any options in my wiimote control. My joystick reads my 360 controller fine (which I also used Mobi2 to test) and I realize how joystick may never be supported as a mobile option. I just put that out there for additional info for you.

I did put a Mobi2 file in the cloud with what I've gotten to work. (Not much) I made a small bot out of some Laser Pegs and rubber bands I had and I soldered some wires to it to plug them into the ezb I have buttons to turn the lights on and off. I planned on getting my Robosapien ready for the ezb this weekend but I've been messing with Mobi2 and the mobile app instead.