Android 2014.02.01.00

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This release of the Android ARC Mobile includes the Custom Movement Panel and a few changes to how the projects are stored. There are also a few internal changes to increase performance on slower devices. Although, there is really only so much we can do to run on older devices - sorry:)

Download ARC Mobile from here:


- new control supported: Custom Movement Panel
Thank you DJ,
I was able to get my custom Movement Panel operating with the previous Mobile version on my IRobot Create by replacing the
and including similar SendSerial commands for reverse, right, and left.
I also had success creating buttons having Create move forward 12" calculating distance in real time and angles in real time with the mobile app.!
Your work and constant improvements are appreciated. I just cannot believe your drive, great work, and dedication.
Thanks again,
Steve S
@Steve..good to hear on problem resolutions! I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this mobile last summer and didn't make sure it was an Android type( its windows arrgh)....anyways, happy to hear your project is going so well.......@DJ I echo Steves accolades about your tireless work!:) Maybe if this current phone gets run over by my van I will then find an android device and take advantage of the mobile app!:)