ARC 2023.11.13.00 (Pro & Runtime)

(Autonomous Robot Control Software)
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Change Release Notes

This update to Synthiam ARC (Autonomous Robot Controller) introduces several improvements and fixes that enhance the functionality and user experience for robot enthusiasts and developers. Here's a summary of the key points and their benefits:

  1. Auto Position Message Display The update includes a new message display for situations where no frame is selected or no servos have been added in the Auto Position feature. This improvement provides more explicit guidance to users, helping them troubleshoot and understand what steps they need to take next.

  2. Auto Position Default Values Fix A critical fix has been made where the velocity and acceleration values in Auto Position default to -1, a common issue when using Dynamixel servos. This fix ensures that the Auto Position feature works more reliably out of the box, particularly for those using Dynamixel servos.

  3. Speech Settings ControlCommand A new ControlCommand has been added for adjusting the speech speed value. This enhancement allows for more dynamic control over speech output, making it possible to change the speaking rate programmatically, which can be helpful in various interactive scenarios.

  4. Audio Speaking Error Fix An error where speaking audio could fail due to a null buffer has been addressed. This fix improves the stability of the speech output feature, ensuring that robots can communicate without unexpected interruptions.

  5. Blockly Raw JavaScript Block A new Blockly block that includes raw JavaScript in line with the generated code has been added. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who want to extend the capabilities of their Blockly scripts with custom JavaScript code, offering greater flexibility and power.

  6. QR Code Generator Improvement The QR code generator now accepts a ControlCommand() to generate the code, and the resulting image resizes correctly. This update makes integrating QR codes into robot applications easier, which can be used for various purposes, such as information sharing or as part of a user interface.

  7. Graph Painting Fix A graphical issue where buttons under a cursor were incorrectly painted into the graph has been fixed. This correction enhances the visual clarity and usability of the graph feature within the ARC software.

  8. Bing Speech Recognition Wake Word Confidence The Bing speech recognition feature now includes an option to set the minimal confidence level for the wake word. This allows users to fine-tune the sensitivity of the wake word detection, reducing false positives and improving overall recognition accuracy.

  9. Bing Speech Recognition Suggestion Hints Suggestions for the wake word are now displayed when using Bing speech recognition. This addition helps users understand what the system is listening for and can guide them in using the correct wake word to activate speech recognition.

Overall, this update to Synthiam ARC brings many improvements that make the platform more user-friendly, reliable, and versatile for creating and controlling robots. These enhancements improve the development experience and open new possibilities for robot skills and features.

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Speech recongition phrases* 10 Unlimited
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#1   — Edited

Thanks for this update and your work on this. It's great that after all this time that ARC is still getting new updated! It looks like it will make things run smoother then they already do. I'm looking forward to installing this one.

I have a question about a feature request made a few months ago. There was discussion about adding a feature that would disable forced updates to ARC all together. Right now we have the option to postpone them for up to six months. The premiums' is; If a robot is running good and not being upgraded in any way then why update ARC? The discussion ended in agreement. Just wondering if that update is still on the list? Thanks!


I checked the feature list and i see it there - not sure when it's scheduled becuase the bug fixes are on higher prioirty and that's on a "nice to have" list. I can probably add it one day in my free time.

#4   — Edited

I have a question about the new feature in this update. I think I have a recognition issue concerning the "Bing Speech Recognition Suggestion Hints".

First have to say I haven't worked on my project for a few months and just today updated to this new ARC version.

Before this update and the last time I worked on my project this phrase was being recognized:.  "Impersonate Dick Teufeld" (without the quotes) and I saw the same response returned from Bing. Now when I say this phrase Bing will not recognize it and returns this: "Impersonate **** Teufeld" (without the quotes). I have repeated the phrase many times and very clearly. Still each time it is not recognizes and I get the Bing response of the 4 stars " **** " instead of the name Dick.

I have replaced the name Dick with Richard and it seems to work.

Any idea what is going on? What does the 4 Stars mean? See attached pic for what I'm seeing after I say the phrase.

Also your update notes say that the Bing Speech Recognition Suggestion Hints for the wake word are now displayed when using Bing speech recognition. Are they displayed where I have the red circle in my attached pic? If so I really don't see any difference from the way this worked before. Help me to see what I'm missing?  User-inserted image

EDIT: Funny, I just tried to say only the name "Dick" and Bing returned the 4 stars and not the name. Seem it does not consider Dick as a proper word. I wonder if it's offended. LOL.


Microsoft makes Bing Speech Recognition, so that must be a censored word - even if it's out of context.


Thanks for this update and your work, be well