ARC 2021.03.24.00 (Early Access & Runtime)

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Project properties allow selecting the maximum number of servo position range. By default, it is 180, but can be increased to any number to accommodate servo controllers with higher resolution (i.e. dynamixel, ssc-32, etc)

- Display connection diagnostic when failed ezb connection is attempted. Assist with identifying why the connection failed and provide links to the respective tutorial.

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Big thanks DJ...testing today!
You bet guys! Glad it'll come in handy
I just was able to use the new properties that allow selecting the maximum number of servo position range. WOW! What a nice feature. I was amazes at how smooth my servo's move now. I increased the positions from 180 to 1024 and they are as smooth as ice. Of course I had to change all my servo max/min settings and positions but it was so simple to do and understand. 

I'm using EZ Robot HDD servos from an EZB control (of course) by ARC. I was a little disappointed with the smoothness of these servos. Maybe it was the way I was using and had them mounted but this setting let me control that. I plan to play some more with the number of servo position range setting to see what kind of changes I can get in the smoothness of these servos.

Thanks so much!!
Good to know Dave. I have to get rid of some of the ratcheting I have with my servos.
This seems to really smooth the ratchet. If i really pay attention I can still notice it but it's hard to see. Very fast.
Great feature, thanks