ARC 2020.11.02.00

(Autonomous Robot Control Software)
Make robots with the easiest robot programming software. Experience user-friendly features that make any robot easy to program.

Change Release Notes

Hello World! We at Synthiam have been working hard developing ARC and all the amazing features that make your robot smarter. We've been trying to keep up with developing feature requests as well! However, millions of lines of code takes a lot of time and effort - and it's not something we can afford to do for free any longer. We've been exploring a variety of ways to implement a financial compensation model around the ARC software that doesn't dent your wallet - which we've released today :).

Inspired by many conversations on the forum and in real life, we've identified a great model that serves us all. We hope you're excited to participate in the licensing model to help fund additional features! I can tell you that we're really excited as well.

You Can Do It!
Please do us a huge solid, visit the ARC product page and press that 'Buy' button while we start checking off feature request items to make your robots even more awesome!:D And for those of you who can't afford to support us with a license, ARC can still be used with basic functionality for free.

New ARC Editions
You may notice a few other changes, such as removing the ARC Beta. That's because we've implemented an internal beta program for testing bugs before they get to you (fingers crossed). This allows us to split ARC into two editions, for those who love immediate new features and bug fixes and those who want months before updating. They've been named ARC Early Access and ARC Teams, respectively.

Premium Support
In addition to the new licensing model - we've also implemented a premium support system. This is real cool because it allows you to directly work with one of us to solve a programming, hardware or design problem (over email, of course). You get 1 free premium support per month with a license, and you can purchase additional requests. Or, if you don't have a license, you can still purchase a request (but it costs more).

Let's Get Robot'ing!
This new change allows us to focus our time where it counts - developing ARC software features! Now that we won't have to worry as much about keeping the lights on, we can spend more time programming! *Beep bleep boop*

All of your preinstalled plugin skills will require to be updated. With an internet connecting during ARC’s loading, you will be prompted. Due to a number of improvements, the legacy plugin system isn’t compatible with the new ARC.

- DJ, Jer, Valentin, & Amin

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ARC Downloads

Teams FREE


  • Includes a free 3rd party plugin robot skill per project
  • Community support
  • Free with trial limitations

For schools, personal use & organizations. This edition is updated every 6-12 months.


Early Access

Only $8.99/mo

  • 2 or more PCs simultaneously
  • Includes unlimited skills
  • Premium support
  • And much more

Experience the latest features and bug fixes weekly. A Pro subscription is required to use this edition.

Runtime FREE


  • Load and run any ARC project
  • Operates in read-only mode
  • Unlimited robot skills
  • Early access fixes & features

Have you finished programming your robot? Use this to run existing ARC projects for free*.

  • Minimum requirements are Windows 10 or higher with 2+gb ram and 500+MB free space.
  • Teams known-issues can be viewed by clicking here.
  • Get more information about each ARC edition by clicking here.
  • See what's new in the latest versions with Release notes.

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Feature ARC Teams
  Get ARC for Free View Plans
Usage Personal
Premium support $14.99/ticket
1 request/month
($9.99 for additional requests)
Feature requests Yes
Early access to new features & fixes Yes
Simultaneous microcontroller connections* 1 255
Robot skills* 20 Unlimited
Skill Store plugins* 1 Unlimited
Cognitive services usage** 10/day 6,000/day
Auto-positions gait actions* 40 Unlimited
Speech recongition phrases* 10 Unlimited
Camera devices* 1 Unlimited
Vision resolution max 320x240 Unlimited
Interface builder* 2 Unlimited
Cloud project size 128 MB
Cloud project revision history Yes
Create Exosphere requests 50/month
Exosphere API access Contact Us
Volume license discounts Contact Us
  Get ARC for Free View Plans
* Per robot project
** 1,000 per cognitive type (vision recognition, speech recognition, face detection, sentiment, text recognition, emotion detection)


Upgrade to ARC Pro

Harnessing the power of ARC Pro, your robot can be more than just a simple automated machine.

Nice - that'll work :). Maybe PayPal will add the support that we'll need. It does say their subscription service is new and still beign developed. So i'm sure we'll see some additional features someday
#96   — Edited
So I don't know why my bank debit card has no cv number on the back but would a bank card even work or is it only credit cards that work?
I can try calling the internet bank and see if they can give me a cv number to use?
A bank card should work - it's strange that it doesn't. My debit card has a CV number on the back. I thought they all did. The bank should be able to answer that question of why you don't have one. I think the CV is extra security and it'll be good to get one no matter what
robo rad

i think a debit card is mostly also depent on howmuch money you have in your account.
also howmuch each month comming in . excample if an acount gets montly 100 dollar , the person will not get a master card .
you can ask your bank for a credit card .here in belgium the first year is free .
Ya DJ, will give them a call in the morning,I just use the tap feature mostly so never needed that number before and your system does take a photo of my card so it is weird they also ask for cv#.I got the basic ARC for now,see if I can do anything with the new Roomba.
Post a Bitcoin address
#101   — Edited
No offense but how are you guys paying for anything. Unless it is way different in Canada vs. the US.

-You must have a bank account or something to hold you money. You had to have one to join Paypal, right?
-Your bank issues you a debit card with your checking account that is linked to your account and accepted just like a credit card. Mine has a Visa logo on it, others will have a Mastercard logo.
-You use a debit card just like a credit card
-There is no $100 limit, or any limit as long as you have the money in the bank.
-I used my debit card to pay for the software
-If you don't have a CCV number on the back call your bank and they will provide it. 
-Don't waste time or money getting a dedicated preloaded card just for this. It is a waste as there are fees involved

If you don't mind me asking what are you guys using at the store or gas pumps that only work when you slide a card into them? Not trying to be critical and just providing some info here but this is like money 101 stuff. There's no way it can be this hard.
My bank card does everything else like Tap ,slide,Interac, no problems and I used it to get paypal verified did not need no stinkin CV# so that has me baffled but ya I can likely get that 3 digit number if I ask them.
You're going to want that robo rad. I can't even order a pizza locally without the CCV. Cards without them are begging to be hacked.
Oh for sure,if they cant look up the CV# over the phone I will demand a new card to be sent to me.
hi perry 

they dont tell you this at the bank . i didn know .i can use my card in belgium,holland and germany .
averythin els is paypal.but as you say its better to have a ccv.
i cant order pro ARC now . few weeks till i have the card.
#106   — Edited


Cards without them are begging to be hacked.
Not really. When I lived in Europe I had a few cards *without* CCV (usually one or two), one time the bank replaced one of them with a CCV, and I sent it back I requested one without CCV. 

Cards without CCV, are basically debit cards and they can only be used in ATM machines (w/PIN) can't be used in online/offline transactions.

For me it was a relief to carry only debit cards when going out at night. If it's stolen or cloned can't be used without a PIN.

I've an USA debit card with chip and CCV, and the security is a joke. I go to fast foods restaurants and they pass my card without using the chip or the CCV. At least 3, 4 times I had my cards cloned and used. I've requested the bank to enforce the chip / pin and they said for business convenience payments under $100 can go through. So where is (my) security ?

My solution: When I don't trust the place I pay with money and after returning from vacations, I'll ask for debit card replacement.
#107   — Edited
I understand a lot of us are credit card challenged and don't have or want to use credit cards on line. There are a lot of other options to accept payment.
- Robo Rad you should be able to just etransfer money to Synthiam since you are both in Canada? 
- DJ it takes about 5 minutes to apply for a paypal account, why don't you accept PayPal? 
- Anyone can accept Crypto currency all you need is to download a wallet. Why not accept Bitcoin?

I realize this maybe a manual option for Synthiam but if Synthiam offered it as a one time annual option to use other payments it would make life a lot easier for everyone.

 So I am curious why only a credit card can be used with an automatic renewal?  The other obvious question is, will Synthiam subscription be like the hotel California ... ?

FYI I went into change payment details and I received an error ? 

User-inserted image
#108   — Edited
Many think Bitcoin is a false currency not backed by a government controlling a continent. 

Many don't trust PayPal to fairly represent the interest of the vendors. 

Credit cards are a proven and safe way to preform transactions. 

A small business working on a razor's edge of profit and loss can't afford to bet on anything else then proven exchange.
Ooops! Nink I’ll get on that tomorrow. Been working all day and night in a new release. Make Dave happy *fingers crossed it works*
#110   — Edited
Hi Dave, 
1) I pay taxes to the Canadian Government on Bitcoin sales every year. If it is not legitimate, should I stop paying 25% capital gains tax?
2) Paypal is a central payment organization so we don't have to trust every website with our credit card details!
3) As for credit card fraud, let facts speak for themselves. (source )
User-inserted image
#111   — Edited
1) I'm no expert but I  have us dollars in my wallet and back accounts. Wouldn't even know know how to exchange them or who would exchange them for bitcoin.  You got me there. Lol. 

2) I use PayPal all the time but many people get burned when selling stuff and don't feel safe. Its the company's choice if they feel like the risk is worth while. 

3) I've had 3 credit cards shut down my accounts over the past year because  of Freud and issue me a new number and card because scum has hacked my numbers. I never lost a penny. Whose fault is that? The card issuer or the scum bags that stole my numbers?

I understand your points and fears but in the end it's the company's decision on how much it can afford to expose it's self to fraud and loss.
Dave - 3) I've had 3 credit cards shut down my accounts over the past year because of Freud

If you accidentally call Fraud Freud is that you subconsciously admitting you were the scammer?xD

I used to think a Freudian slip was saying one thing when you mean a mother.
#114   — Edited
@perry, love it!*love*

@DJ, thanks for the sleepless night of work for us. I like being happy. Looking forward to seeing what you have come up with.