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This stable release includes all bug fixes and new features rolled up from the beta channel. Due to fixing a few important bugs, we recommend updating to this version if you're on the stable channel.
Thanks for ARC 2020.04.30.00

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I have an issue with Python: scripts are not saved.

If I write a new Python script, save it and close the window. The script is not there anymore when I reopen it. There is no problem wit EZ scripts and JavaScripts


I have an issue with this Python
Oh dear, did you forget to close the cage again?
Pythons are attracted to warm, quiet areas so hiding underneath rocks or small spaces is where they'll typically head.

Please Let me know if it helped ?
OK, so after some tests, it seems to be related to the choice of the default script edit mode.

If I install ARC and choose Python as default, it works and Python scripts are saved.
If I install ARC with any other language, Python scripts are not saved.

And finally, if I want to choose Python as default script edit mode after install, I can't because Python is not available.
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I’ll take a look and update in the ARC beta channel
I downloaded ARC ARC Beta 2020.05.01.00

says it is newer then ARC ARC 2020.04.30.00

Thanks DJ, by the way, how is it going with exosphere and the other companies?

I often make my own robot and put it on exosphere

Hi @DJ,

Thanks a lot for the update, it is working perfectly now.