Explanation and Uses of Arrays.

Step 3. Sensor Arrays.

Sensor array, is probably a term you may have heard mentioned in your favourite science fact or science fiction TV show or movie. Simply put, a sensor array is a group of individual sensors working in tandem to monitor what the signals that they are designed to measure or monitor. One such example could be an array of ultrasonic distance sensors.

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One sensor running will monitor or measure an object and report the information back to its controller, such as an EZ-B which then sends the information back to EZ-Builder. But if this sensor is on a wide base of a robot, an object may not be detected, as demonstrated below...

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The advantage of having multiple sensors in an array, is that having them located across the entire width of the base, if one sensor does not see an object slightly off to one side of it's detection range, another one in the array will...

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As you can see, the five sensors are sending out an ultrasonic signal to detect the object. Four of them do not see the object, but one does as it is in it's line of sight and therefore sends back an ultrasonic echo to confirm that an object has been seen.

To make the sensor array detect objects, we need to make a script array, which is explained next.


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