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Dear Sir/Madam,I am a mechanical engineer and recently I have designed a Humanoid robot which I would like to present you. My humanoid robot is four times RFL (Robot Fighting League) champion and not only that most of the people get's attracted towards my humanoid  robot when they see its human like walking.Like other humanoid robots my robot doesn't require a Gyro Sensor for balancing itself while walking and it walks faster than any other humanoid robots. I have designed a unique leg mechanism for my humanoid robot which reduces the number of servo motors and it also makes it energy efficient comparatively than other humanoid robots which are available in the market, this makes my humanoid robot a unique design.For more details about my humanoid robot please check the below link am sure this robot will be best for Engineering Students to learn about advance humanoid robot at affordable price and they can also upgrade this robot according to their needs which will help them to innovative new technologies. This robot is a good medium of learning about STEAM (Science ,Technology, Engineering and Maths).If I get an offer from you then I will transfer you my humanoid robot technology which you can use to manufacture its number of units under the name of your company and sell to Schools and Colleges. I would like to know your opinion about this or if you have any other opportunity for me then please let me know and please check the below link to know more about myself, Warm Regards Prakshobh Prakash Gaimar

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Hey - I have to say that your robot is pretty awesome. Of course, it would be even more awesome if it was powered by Synthiam:) But hey, we all make mistakes... haha *kidding, not really*. If you're looking for manufacturing, we're not it. But, I do have a few suggestions. If you have a solid business plan that you're confident with, I recommend reaching out to Shenzhen Valley Ventures (

Check out their website. you can fill out a form to submit information about your product and begin a conversation with them. I can tell you that if the robot was powered by Synthiam, it would surely help your case;)

Good luck!