Zombie Telemetry Suit


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I have a telemetry suit-controlled Cyborg Zombie. Functions as a mobile, real-time robot surrogate through which I can entertain people at a haunted house I work at!

Currently, I'm stationed at a laptop that communicates with a laptop strapped to the zombie's butt, which in turn controls all the servo controllers, webcams, speakers, and such. The laptop is a pain to set up every time I bring the zombie out, having to boot up, start up a bunch of programs, establish WiFi, make sure the power system is keeping the weak battery alive, etc.

But it looks like the EZ-B controller will streamline a great deal of this system! The only thing missing from my application is 2-way audio!

I'll be ordering the EZ-B soon! Mango and I look forward to joining the community!

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Haha i don't know how i missed this
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Wow, this was 5 years ago. I'd love to see where this project is today. 

Hey! Are you really Farris Bueller behind those goggles? LOL. You really remind me of him. 

Man, what a gas! I love this. Fantastic demo and video. Your talent is very inspiring. Please keep it up and keep sharing!
i don't think he'll see this or respond - it's been 5 years since the original post. But I did have to give props when I came across it accidentally:)
Lol, what a character. I had started working on a telemetry suit awhile back, but ran into issues getting a clean signal from the pots (prolly cheap pots) Looks like he did the same thing (pots) on the joints.

I'd prolly use cheap small FOC drone motors instead of pots for the input ($5 each axis) and use the telemetry code on the FOC controller to translate the motion directly on to the robot with no lag time.

That's awesome! Loved the blooper edits at the end,well done! My brother does that stuff for Halloween making props with air compressors but nothing as fancy as that!
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He's still at it. OK, I'm totally a fan of this guy. I hardly ever subscribe to people's YouTube channels but I did here. Here's another YouTube video this guy did. It's Arduino based and wonderful. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing.