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Hello community,
I bought an old Omnibot 2000 from ebay and want to give him a new life with the ez-robot kit:

User-inserted image

After I unscrewed and cleaned him in the dishwaher, I used a L298N Motor Controller to get him move use the existing gearbox.
This works well.:)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

But the most difficult thing will be to get the two arms moving. For this I will probably need very small servos.
Does anyone had experience with this?

What kind of battery is the best to use, because the 6 AA batteries pack are empty after a few minutes testing.
I thought about a 6V 5Ah Gel Battery?

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I use a 6 amp 6v nicad battery that is used in alarm systems and emergency lights.
I believe DJ means lead acid, as those are the most common type for battery backups that need longevity.
For me I would use a large 7.4V Lipo battery since they have high energy density for their weight and can provide longevity as well. You just have to make sure your servos are 7.4V rated. The EZ-Robot HDD servos are rated high enough and have some good torque.
Maybe I will use both, the 6v nicad battery for the motor controller and the 7.4V Lipo battery for the ez-b.
I hope the batteries will fit into the original Omnibot battery tray with door.
Then it would be easier to charge them without always unscrewing the robot.

Yesterday I ordered a 3D printer to print some cool and useful parts.
I will keep you updated guys!:)
The battery I used in my omni2000 fit in the drawer lying sideways. 

the ezb v4 draws very little current. It won’t need much. It can run off the main battery with for daaaaaayssssss
I have an omnibot 5402 controlled with a raspberry pi and currently use a 6v lead acid (as per the original) to power it. I did find that using a separate lipo power supply (with voltage regulator) for the pi cured some strange controller errors although that may be because the pi uses more current than the ez-b. It's difficult find any information on the original motor specifications but they appear to work with the L298N straight from a 7.4v lipo (they run slightly faster but without the specs I'm not sure if they should have a regulator fitted although you do lose some voltage across the L298N). One interesting battery I have looked at is the 'Giant Power' graphene 5400 shorty, looks like you could fit three of these in the original battery space.
Good luck with the 2000 they do look great.
Did you paint yours or just retro bright it?

i tried a retro bright but found a coat of white spray paint really updated the styling 

don’t think I’d try a colorful or stylish paint job. Just flat white looks great
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Well my 5402 still has the original skin, it's in pretty decent condition so I decided if it ain't broke don't fix it. At present the arms and head have been removed for easy access while I'm checking out an Atlas Scientific serial port expander for multiple US100 ultrasonic sensors. There is a lot of work to do, but other things get in the way (grandkids, golf, retro computers etc).
I haven't put any of my ezb's in it (not yet anyway) as I'm trying to make it completely autonomous, no internet etc although and I do use putty to upload any code and test it. The pi3b+ has just been replaced with the pi zero w and it currently has four fixed US100's. I pondered sweeping servo's but nothing is set in stone yet. I think with the shape of the 5402, using it's dome but no arms it would make a great mini dalek (may have to get another).