Technopro's Live Wall-e Build (saturday, Mar. 9)


awesome! something to do while at work on a saturday
sorry guys ran out of time. Was makin' maple syrup 10:00-5:00
Good morning again! today i am doing the tracks of the wall-e.
Yesterday i did the cuts to mount the arm servos.

User-inserted image
User-inserted image

Took the attachment for the wheel off the transmision and grinded it down to fit the attachment for the wheel.
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That's good progress. And should help when I get around to playing with my Wall-E that I need to "EZB-ify" (nothing brilliant, just to scare the kids with :))
doing some mods tomorrow, started today. the forks that you mount the tracks on dont line up due to the misplacing of the modified servos. have to fix this tomorrow. then the arms. then ill crack at the head.
dreaming up my next robot as i do this wall-e.

Loki but more monuverability. miniture too.
Finished the bottom. all i need to do is screw the tracks on and the tracks r done.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
trying to figure out how i could reuse the power(Try me/off/play)button to control ez-b. it controls 6V in the toy so just thinking it isnt a big difference, 6v-9v. with the 2 modes im not sure how i could do it.

thinking ill set play as the turn on ez-b.

then try me will turn on a light(s) only.
Interested to see how you do the head.

I've done mine a certain way that looks stock. Love watching Wall-E builds.
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When I get to my Wall-E I'll be looking very very closly at @Lumpy's head... well, at his Wall-E's head to be more precise :). But likewise I'm interested to see how the head on this one is done.
Got the neck mount set up. Can't do anything else until I get my servo extension cable order in. Ordered on economy shipping from Hong Kong over a month ago. Going to contact salesman.