Spy Robot!


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I have been working 2 days since Ez-Kit arrived to my house!... this is my Ez Robot... I have a lot of things to do... I will update this post with my progress!!!
Thanks from Ecuador!

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Great Job! Looking forward to more!
Thanks!! I am working a lot!... yeah!--- my dream is to be the best engineer in two years.... when I go to college!
You're already kicking butt then! I bet not many of the engineers in your college had built a robot by your age
HHAHA! yeah Thanks! and when did you start to do this things??:)
I started professional robotics for oil and gas in the late 90's but, like you, had an interest at a young age. I'd make robots out of anything remote control that I could find. The issue then was a lack of technology. Now that we have smaller and more powerful processors, we can do a lot:)

In a few years, you'll be in an unreal place with robotics if you're starting now! That's exciting
yeah!... I will live in Canada in one year for 6 months to improve my english... and search a university... but.. from now... I want to learn About C# to write programs for Ez... but I dont know where I have to start?? I know only Python a little... but I know that Ez has a big future!.. and I want to contribute with this community with programs... Can you help me??? because I am 16 years old and I know almost nothing:)

And! woooouu! The first time that I saw Ez-Robot, immediately I bought One...!.. haha!.. and i want to be part of the future of robotics..!

Your English is very good!

My suggestion to learn c# is to follow the tutorials in the ez-sdk package. The hardest part will be learning visual studio. There are always two files per Form. One file is designer, which creates the objects in form. The other file is your code file where event code is written.

Following that, basic programming applies to c#. It's so easy, you'll love it.