Robot Head

DJ Sures

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With an animatronic robot head, DJ created a new feature for EZ-Builder. This robot was used as a platform for the Relative servo Tracking Camera Control option.

Animatronic companies are being outdated by CGI in Hollywood. Do not fear! There are plenty of uses for their technology in robotics. I came across this robot head, made by Robots Squared.
The head has servos to control the eyes (vertical and horizontal) and eyelids. I connected these to the EZ-B and whipped up a little project. Of course, the project source can be found under
File->Examples in EZ-Builder. I used this as a platform to implement a new feature for camera tracking. The new Relative servo Tracking option allows a stationary camera to control the position
of servos based on the objects location. In the videos below, you will see it in action.


Parts Used:
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit
1 x Robotics Squared Robot Head
1 x Wii Remote (optional)