Omnibot 2000 Project


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Hi Guys,

I still have my Omnibot project just sitting for the moment, I really wanted to buy the EZB to have in an Omnibot 2000. Well today I went ahead and picked up this guy and brought him home.

Will do a work in progress post with this one and hopefully try and up date it as the project takes shape. First steps will be cleaning.

Enjoying the ride in the Jeep:

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Hi Guys

Not much progress in the couple of weeks, had some problems with the kit and not sure what to do. Even though I know about RC servos and have some experience with building computers and other projects for some reason I've had some bad luck.

At first I had 2 servos that weren't working but the others were ok, I emailed about the 2 servo's and the suggestion was to send them back for testing which was good. I thought it best to just re-check everything but now none of the servo's work and for a time the blue light was not turning on. The board or first heat sink seems to get quite hot but the fuse is fine.

Not sure how to fix this as I am not an electronics expert in terms of soldering or messing around with circuits which is one of the reasons I'm looking into Robotics in the first place as I want to learn !

Anyway, right now my project is on hold as I have a bunch of servo's and a board that is not working at all and don't know what to do as in between the moments I get to do anything hobby wise I'm trying to get help.

The heatsinks do get warm quickly. Its a great idea to ziptie a good 40mm fan to it. I have not played with ezb yet.
Shot another video, my servo's don't work for me. I have been trying to just connect one at a time and they aren't working.

Yep, I have tried another servo outside of the kit. At first it worked fine and now it doesn't work either. I can try others tonight.

I watched all of the video's even as I started, with one step at a time and they just aren't getting power. I think there is something wrong with the EZB.
Hello Nonsonic, I have been following your posts and grieve with you:) It is sometimes hard to troubleshoot over the internet, but a few suggestions...

Pick up a multimeter ASAP and confirm that there is voltage and how much on each power pin (the center pins on all ports). It should be 5v. Between the fact that your regulator is heating up so much with no load and the fact that servos started working (albeit with loose motors) then stopped makes me think of possible over voltage (faulty regulator or short) and burnout. But you need to confirm with a meter to be sure.

I have also noted that the blue light sometimes does not come on, or is very dim, when first powering up my EZ-B. I have found just quickly un-plugging and re-plugging in power does the trick. According to DJ, the dim or dark blue LED indicates incomplete firmware boot... possibly power related? as I notice mine happens more often when running a 12v source as opposed to the stock battery pack (7.5v)

Also, try to put your EZ-B on non-metallic standoffs or otherwise cover the underside... it is an open circuit board and susceptible to unintentional shorts when sitting on potentially conductive surfaces (like the battery box :))

And final idea... test each servo, one at a time on each port from D0-D19 documenting any irregularity's per port. You should be able to set up a test that will cause constant activity on all ports so that you can focus on the physical port hopping. I am at work right now so can't easily determine what control would do such, but I think I remember seeing something that might do the trick?

EDIT - Ah yes, the Multiple Servos control... config and click on Add All

That might have been it regarding the servo's just spinning but hard to say, this was all on the first time out really. Had been careful with it, I have built computers myself so have tried to take extra care but power and voltage is not my thing I can say that. I have to learn circuits essentially:)

With that, I've got some pics for some ideas. I have been taking apart printers for an eventual build of some sort. I wanted to build a battle bot or I like those 3D printers. One of the printers I took apart was an older HP Laserjet and got some neat gears and motors but also this face place in case I need it for something.

User-inserted image

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I planned to get a screen and do a similar build to DJ's Omnibot for just starting out. I thought the LED panel might come in handy for the upper area that a display may not fit in and or use it for some sort of second display area.

I think i'm going to get help with the board, I am not an electronics guy for soldering etc, I hope to try with some arduino but i'm not ready to start soldering yet. If things go good, I would like to some how do something with this Roboraptor I picked up for $10.00. I got this one and the Robosapien both with remotes for $20.00

User-inserted image

Below is my computer set up is separate from my " Bat" cave where my robot projects are, this is part of my computer set-up. I7 gaming computer, a Mac mini and below is an older PC running Ubuntu 12.04. Above my PC i have a Kinect that I am messing around with trying to learn and maybe integrate into the Omnibot 2000 : )

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I will make a how ton solder video just for you nonsonic:)
I forgot where i saw it, but D.J. has a trouble shooting video just for the EZB. Go through the steps and see if it is at least working. after that, you can tackle the servos.

hope that this helped,

Seems to connect just fine still, just not working with the servo's.

I'm good Josh on the soldering:) thanks!

I'm sure it's easy to do it as I've done it in the past and done repair to some copper pipes in the house. Just not about to solder circuits just yet until I need to.
Yea its harder than copper pipes. To do it correctly at least lol. So how are you going to hack this robot without cutting wires and soldering?
@Nonsonic You can also test the digital ports with LEDs Turning them on and off and using PWM to dim them.
Finally getting back on this project, had some time to work with the EZ-B to hp check out the Camera from the kit, hooked up a servo and controlled it with a WIi controller. Going to start taking him appart and planning the build.
That's great! I wondered where you went
POST some photos of your build
on for ideas check my omnibot 2000 project

my omnibot 2000 project
He is more of a super omnibot design nickname 6 MILLION DOLLAR OMNIBOT

Also my buddy JSTARNE1 he made some good changes in his too

Some robot project updates, may try build this IRobot create into its base.
Hey Non sonic , I borrowed some pics from Bret. The square base doesn't fit well on the roomba. He trimmed off the square part and it makes it much easier to make a custom mount. Plus you can have a turning waist. Because the roomba is round its easy to use a round steel trash can for a base that fits well;)
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New Zealand
So how did you guys get rid of the yellowing look on the aged plastic?

Mine must have lived in the sun for a bit...
Most of us just paint the robots. Its really the easy way out. You can whiten them to the point the parts look like new but it takes a week in the sun ( uv accelerates whitening) and you will go through several bottles of 40 volume developer. Its messy. I recomend wet sanding with 600 grit and then paint.
Hi Wayne!
Any news on your robot?