Oculus Rift Is Out, Any Ideas?



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Hey guys. Oculus Rift is out, wondering if we can hack it and use it as another controller for our EZ-Robots. I'm also thinking of using brainwaves to control the robots. Any help u guys have?

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Occlusion rift is way overpriced. You are better off buying the 29 dollar Google vr goggles kit and use a small android tablet lcd to make your own. Ameralis/ Ant drew a 3d printable version of the google vr goggles thats pretty stinking cool.

The "brainwave" sensors are horrid and unreliable. Maybe one day in the future. Accelerometers in vr google are much better that trying to bust a brain vessel " thinking" about making your robot move. I'm just being constructive here , I want you to know that I'm sure many of us would love to think and send commands to our robots if we could.


I see. Thats interesting. Well the oculus will be priced high since its kinda new technology in marketing. And I heard that neuro-pulse command is old technology. Im not sure thats why I mentioned it. Anyway, it seems like were still far from the "future".


are you talking about google cardboard? cuz if you are.....I think THAT is a novelty...


Google cardboard is a concept from cardboard but ant drew a 3d printable version for example. Then just used the optics from kit and the result was pretty cool for the money. My suggestion is there are way cheaper things out their to experiment with instead of several hundred dollar goggles your likely to break. There are lots of off brand vr glasses on ebay that you can use and some with accelerometers in the too.


whaaaaat! that sounds cool. ill look it up.


I would recommend you follow our social media - specially our Facebook page. :)

We are part of the oculus rift DK2 development. We are adding support for it as we speak.

I can tell you from first hand experience that the google cardboard thing is absolutely nothing compared to the rift dk2.

Expect support soon as I've published the iPhone app


Cool. Sounds reassuring though. Btw what about the apple mac's software compatibility of ex-software?