Niek's Omnibot Adventure


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I loved the idea about modding my own omnibot so i found one on ebay and bought it:P

My initial plan is pretty basic, just put in some servo's for the head and arms, i have an H-bridge for the movement and put in a camera.

I bought it for about $51 and $64 shipping, but I ended up paying an extra $45 on import duties (which I think is ridiculous because it's not even sold anymore) I just got the box with my omnibot (it was shipped inside a burger king box ):

Look at all those stamps!

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thank you!

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Here comes the head

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What a beautiful baby..

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Fortunately, he wasn't that discoloured from the sun so I just washed him and didn't have to repaint.

Here's the entire collection of video's. Please excuse my poor English, I wasn't doing bilingual education back when I shot these:

I'm currently working on renovating him. He was very poorly glued together and his arms snapped off. I'm planning to release a final video before my visit to EZ-Robot in July.

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@NIEK if i found another good deal will let you know,last 2 on ebay i bought was one at $54 and one at $79 complete with hard drive,i did find a much better and about the same size at 2ghz and 2 gig ram with WIFI AND MORE AT $450 getting 2 so far

BUT really good job on your first robot design,i have a great neice age 10 thats trying to learn and help me
Hi Niek, Nice job on the robot and the video. I think we all well be reading about you some day.
keep up the good work.

@Robotmaker, I am still looking for a min itx board for my Leaf project. Can you let me know also if you find a good deal on one.

what size board will fit inside your robot 7" by 7" or pico size 3 1/2 by 4
for leaf you need about 2 ghz
1.1ghz may work,i have one but havent tested it yet and are you using the animated face,that uses a lot of memory resources and speed,plus need to use windows xp pro
I am using windows xp pro. No animated face, I am going to build a face for it. 7" by 7" or pico size will work. I am also trying to get a chatbot working with it. His name is ZORK.

robotmaker thanks for any help you can give me.

So we were exposing our stuff with my hackerspace last saturday. Omnibot was the center of attention.

Here is a video of him bringing money to the barrel organ:
Niek he is really awesome. Very impressived. Internet high five!
*High fives back*

Thank you:D
I also have some footage of him just standing there, i think i'm going to post that
I watched your videos then I bought an omnibot 5402! Great inspiration!
@Neik I wanted to see how your robot is going? Everything up till now has been awesome. I would live to see him running about your house. Seriously The fact you manage to do these things so well at your age means you really have potential in electronic engineering , mechanical engineering or other hands on profession. I really believe you would succeed. College should be in your future my friend - Josh S
I think NEIK will do great in college,like i did
I started young at electronics and became real good
Also a degree in robotics is a good course to go
i wasoffer a job at a robotics company ,but too far away in (california) so might be another idea
to see if your colleges in your area has that type of course
Hi @jstarne1
For the last year, he's been standing in a clauset with a broken shoulder. I couldn't figure out any good mounting options so I had glued it on and well, it broke. Any good mounting tips?

As soon as I finish high school, I'm planning to go to a technical university. I'm thinking about one in Delft or Eindhoven but I could also go study in a foreign country.

Hi Mike can you post pics of how he is broken? I'm happy to help you get the little guy going. Ever thought about making him an air soft robot. It adds fun and is a great was to replace a broken arm too.:)
The problem started when I accidentally cut the elbow off too short. I hot-glued some washers in place to compensate for the shortage. Here are some pictures:

And this is where he's been standing for the last year:

Any help would be really appreciated:D
You did an awesome job on that robot! It's a shame to see it out of commission. I am kind of bumbling along trying to program my robot. I wish I had your talent, but the fabrication and building part is what I am good at. I would like to offer a suggestion.
Hot glue is great for a lot of things, but it is not strong enough for what you are trying to do there. I would pull the metal washers off and scrape out all of the hot glue. Then get yourself some nylon washers the same diameter of the part that you are trying to extend, and glue them on one at a time with "Super Glue" or something like that.
Epoxy resins are good for that sort of thing too. Just don't glue your fingers to it.

Just another thought.

You could wrap a piece of cardboard (or even a playing card) around the piece that you cut too short, having it stick out to the length that you need. Stick a rubber band around it and fill the extra space with epoxy. Peel the card out when it dries.

There is always a way to fix things if you put your mind to it.

Wonderful job on the robot. That was how I was with computers back in 1964, a long time ago in another ...

Keep up the great work, learn all you can from DJ and others.

As I tell my kids, look at something from a 10,000 foot view, step back.

Danger! read your post of the 17th, thanks for the info.

DJ maybe we could have a new post area called tips and hints plus Rich's post too.


Good Job, Niek!

I was wondering how you attach your Asus. Is it with Velcro?

Yes, I used the ultra-strong velcro that can hold up to 10kg.
Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work, Buddy.

Fantastisch ! Je hebt het echt in je vingers ! Proficiat en doe zo verder.