My Humanoid Bot Project


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no special animosity towards you Mr Chadwick, but this robotic-project is not
informative.. and only a dream I think. by the way: for this project you need more money and for more money you need a constructive plan.

good luck
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Do you think a more physical example would be better?
Well.. I think that more that say what you want to build, you need to explain HOW you going to build it...
It's a beatutifull 3D model, and And the conceptions about the behavior is all that we all dream about.. But, it's a long way to turn it real.
But, keep dreaming! It's the fuel for the mankind.
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Thanks. Its a step away. I think i will post the how's. Then people will know
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Added more info. I hope i've made it a little clearer. I know people are sceptical. Its not a super bot like asimo though. Its far from that.