My 1st Build With Ez Robot Dev Kit.the Lawn Bot (build Log)


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Hello All,
I will be using this as my build log for my Lawn Bot. The plan is to build a bot that can haul a barrel, mow the lawn in summer, snow blow in the winter and preform a variety of tasks. the base will be a 24V jazzy wheelchair with custom frame. the brain will be the Jazzy VR2 controller talking to the EZ-b4 and what ever else i need to get it to obey my will. if anyone has done anything to feel free to chime in... I will not repeat NOT use a sabertooth controller for this.

Hope to update you all soon.


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Have you figured out the jazzy controller protocol, or are you thinking of hooking up servos to the joystick? There is a reason peiple use Sabertooth and skip the wheelchair controllers. It is because the controllers are undocumented and indecipherable (seemingly on purpose).

you can find a TON of things if you look in the right places... I want to keep all chair functions so using a sabertooth is out of the question. I plan on following some of the steps outlined on a wheelchair forum to interface with the OEM stuff...
well documented interfacing:
Will you have an onboard PC so you don't have to worry about going out of wifi range or will you be using a wifi range booster?
That's great. I will be watching this one closely. I currently have Sunrise wheelchair motors and a controller, but they are pretty beat up, so I have been looking at maybe replacing them with Jazzy at some point since they seem pretty readily available. I do have a sabertooth, but keeping all options open, particularly since I keep coming up with ideas for additional robots I want to build.

@richard R I plan to have two options one is OBC(on board computer) the other is to use my cellphone and ARC.
Please keep us posted on your results.
I tried for a long time to get my motors to work with the controller and EZB but finally gave up.
I still have three wheelchairs here ... lol.
@Ted... you can grab yourself a sabertooth 2 x 25 if you haven't already done so and get your project up and running... I can help you with the sabertooth setup if you need it...

@V692 Most definitely, keep us updated on your project....:)
@Ted, If you are interested in selling (or trading for other stuff) one of the chairs (or just motors and wheels) let me know. I have a pair of Sunrise motors and wheels, but they are in rough shape, and missing some needed bolts (they were very cheap, so I don't feel too bad about the expense, but thinking about replacing them with something better for my first big project. They'll get used eventually).

My email is in my profile.