JD Humanoid Puppet

DJ Sures

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Credit for this robot idea goes to @Nink, who suggested it based on my PWM servo Feedback behavior control.

I wrote a quick script that reads the realtime servos of one JD and sets the respective positions of the other JD. Both JD's are connected to the network in client mode.

If you're curious of the code, it looks like this

# Left Leg
servo(1.d14, GetServoRealtime(0.d14))
servo(1.d13, GetServoRealtime(0.d13))
servo(1.d12, GetServoRealtime(0.d12))
# Right Leg
servo(1.d18, GetServoRealtime(0.d18))
servo(1.d17, GetServoRealtime(0.d17))
servo(1.d16, GetServoRealtime(0.d16))

Here's the project JD Puppet.EZB



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