Giant Robot Project With Ez-robot Board

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Hi, this is my outdoor Robot, Giant scale with EZ-Robot board using Wall-E base ( summer project )

Hello, my project was made from a electric wheelchair base ( Quickie 601) I remove the original brakes and my two motor are controled with a Sabertooth 2X25 in Radio Control mode.

I connect the output of my EZ-Board normally connected to the the motors (Continuous Rotation Servo) directly in Sabertooth imputs normally used to connect to channel 1 and 2 of the Radio Control receiver.

The software that I currently used is the one of Wall-E ( designed by DJ ) , and all works very well !

I still have to install all sensors and a wireless camera, I intend to add a high gain WIFI antenna on the EZ-Board and on my 2.5 camera for more range ( actualy a have only around 25 feet ( 7 meters ), Other option ? put a PC ( laptop ) inside ?

I'll add more photos and video as soon as possible

thank you for following my project

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Hello PhG , I'm interested in your mower project ! and Yes, I would like to have more information on your development!

Merci et a Bientôt !

Cool work, yes a GPS is great for all outdoor robots.
@mcsdaver.... Ummm the thread has been dead for over 8 years but better late than never I guess...
Ya Mc is back catching up! Missed ya Dave!

Dunning-Kruger, ya can't fool me. I know who you are. LOL. Good to see you too.
maybe drinking more lemon juice helps:)