Cyborg Snowman

DJ Sures

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What do roboticists do when it snows? Click to find out:)

We had a big snowfall in Calgary Canada this weekend. What do roboticists do when it snows? They make robot snowmen!

DJ packed up some gear and set out to animate a 3 foot snowman for his neighbors. He used 2 cd cases, hot glue gun, wireless webcam, a few servos and an EZ-B robot controller. He then used ARC and added the motion tracking control assigned to the wireless webcam. The neighborhood kids had a great time interacting with their first snowman!

Later he added the voice recognition control and the kids were speaking to the robot! Turned out to be a great snow day:)


1 x Canadian Snowy Day
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2 x CD Cases for body

Hot Glue Gun
Warm Clothes



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