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Hi all

I have a made a new 2 DOF quad.

He is called Crabio 1.

I only have time to add a video about him for the time being.

I will post more pictures soon.

His walking pattern is abit noobish but i will fine tune him later:)

enjoy for the time being:)

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Just love seeing different things to wheels for moving robots around. Those legs may not be very efficient and appear a bit creepy but they give the robot real character - great job

yes you are right, the legs are too heavy for a small robot like carbio, so i did my research and shortened his leg. Now he can reverse, turn and walk.

While uploading the video for Carbio, I just tweaked the code a little and carbio can now stride faster then his normal speed.

Soon he will be chasing red balls:)

Btw Carbio wishes to say hi to All EZ Bians!
Iskandershah - The way your robot Crabio has 2 verticle positions is very cool, great progress on how he moves around on those freaky legs - Love the camera position - Great stuff and fun to watch

Wait for my next video.. i am sure it will be as entertaining:)

He can now run, lean, kick a ball and sits:)
This is a very exciting robot! Very good work:D I know everyone would love to see your ARC Project File if you're willing to share your hard work:D
Cool robot! Good movements for such low DOF.
Hi guys!

as requested by DJ Sures, here is a overview about my ARCs.

And Crabio One Learns new tricks!

watch it!

Please comment:)
Man you did a great job!!!!!
Hahah Thank you DJ Sures !!!

As you can see on the last part of the video, Crabio Started losing power and falling to the ground.

Does that mean that the board has been over worked? any way to counter this? I am using a DC 12V bench power adapters..

Please advice.
The 12v bench power adapter from EZ-Robot? That should be good - but there are a lot of servos and the voltage regulator may be getting a tad too hot. It'll shut down when it gets too hot.
Amazing ! Good job !