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I finally got some time to play with the robots today. I hooked up a couple of reversible RC car ESCs to the 2 drive motors in the base for the Buster I got. They seem to work ok except for the HF whine. Hopefully some sound deadening will cut that down. I down loaded the new software on my laptop too and didn't have anymore trouble than I did when I first installed the older version a few months back. I just loaded Windows 7 on this laptop a week ago and bumped the ram up to 4gig. The laptop runs better now then it ever did on Vista even when it was new. Those ESCs only cost $11.39 each with free shipping. I got them on eBay but it looks like the guy has sold out. I guess the camera in the head is next. see ya JW :)

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Cool! I wonder if a capacitor across the inputs to the motor might do something about that whine?
Grounding your motors and maybe s inline cap should remove the whine. If that doesn't remove it check "ground loop isolation" its a inline hi frequency filter
it has a cap across the - to + . I'll try grounding the motor housing. I'll check in to "ground loop isolation" (educate myself) thanks guys:) JW
What is the max Amperage on those ESCs? Not a bad deal!


20amps, 25 max 30sec, 50 5sec . 4.8 to 7.4 volts.

Wow, that is really really good for 11.95 a pop! Hopefully they show up again on ebay.


I unhooked the 2 battery grounds and that solved the noise problem . Thanks jstarne1 I was looking up that "ground loop isolation" and was reading on audio systems how they isolate the grounds. JW:)
So your motors aren't grounded at all , lol . Most weird electronic issues from interference or noise is almost always a ground issue. Have a good night guys.
Made a little more progress!

more to come !:) J W
I love the camera movement. And the head looks awesome!
Nice dude. Put better arms on that guy , maybe groups of ir LEDs on the left and right side of camera to.make camera lighting that's invisible to the naked eye. Because sometimes houses.have.lots of shadows from furniture. It's coming along great!
Thats a good idea . I wonder if this camera works well in the IR range?:) JW
Almost all of them due , in the event IR illuminators are on and there is more IR than ambient light the picture will gain a purple hue , or go to greyscale black and white. But I found its excellent to use a light sensing diode and use it to trigger IR illuminators if there isn't ample light in the direction your bot is looking. For myself I'm using 50 leds for low light illumination.
My house is kind a dark so I may do that !:) JW
You may want to take a look at the servo blocks from servo City. I used one on Gizmos head and I'm very satisfied with the results! They work great! Also, if you take a pic of where and how you used them and send it to servo City, you could win a free one.
Hopefully I'll have another video to post this weekend on Buster ! I got some more parts in today. Servos for the arms and a 5000mah lipo battery. Oh and a bunch more mini servos for sonic sensor.:) JW
I'm working on the arms right now and was a little stuck but think I have it worked out in my head. This is my idea for the body to elevate . When driving around it could be down for stability and picking up . Then raise up for a better height and interaction .
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That is cool. How do you plan on raising it, a scissor lift type set up?
I thought about that and also about bending over. Actually threw together a hinge thing that would keep the center of gravity about right. But I couldn't come up with a way to cover it that looked good. So I'm using a 1/2"square tube with a slider over it. When Buster is down the tube will come right between the arms almost to the head plate . The slider is mounted at the bottom of the chest cavity. The tube is mounted through the old battery box (or will be tomorrow)on the bottom. JW:)

Oh I forgot I have a high torque 6 turn sailboat servo to wench it up and down

Nice work on the Buster. I just scored a brand new Buster (it's rare to find a new one) and im going to be modding him obviously, im wondering how did you connect ESC to EZ-B and where do I go to set it up in ARC? is the alternative option for running the motors using Dual Motor H-Bridge instead of two ESCs?
Reversing ESCs work in servo movement panels and modified servo panels. The EZ-B thinks its a servo, more or less. :)
Thanks. Why didn't I think of that hehe...This is very similar to a hobby R/C receiver:)
Any progress on Buster - cool programming, death ray? Curious bots want to know.