Build a Giant 3D Printer , Live Build, Come join me


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Here is the very first live stream I have done, it is 30 minutes long. 3 cameras to view varius angles as I open the box on the Folger ft-6 Build your won printer kit. I plan to live stream the entire build if viewers would like to watch or interact with me!  Thankyou for the community support. Having a large format printer will open up options to print robot chassis in fewer pieces and better accuracy that trying to print them in small blocks and assemble them like a 3d puzzle.

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Nice first part. Thanks. The volume is a little low. It's a little hard to hear you.
Geez That’s gonna be huge! I can’t imagine the craziness you’re gonna get up
to with that!

schedule a live stream on this website when you’re gonna build it so we know about it and can watch. I’d watch to see how it goes together!