Apple Watch Robot Control

DJ Sures

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Not sure how many of you have seen this, but we added Apple Watch support to the ARC iOS app! For the longest time, no one knew what an Apple Watch was good for:) outside of interrupting your productive with Facebook and twitter notifications about who had lunch. Needless to say, it's made the watch quite useful and fun - but it's still way too expensive!

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This is almost enough to get me to switch from Android to iPhone. If you build an AndroidWear version I'll definitely get an AndroidWear watch, which is something I previously had no interest in. If you don't, I'll need to Jumpstart my code learning plans (and add Java so I can write Android apps).

Should actually be easy enough to write an app that talks to the ARC web server or telnet server without the need to have something running on a phone (my plan would be for driving a bot with an embedded computer)

Brilliant stuff, as usual.

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Ah, so the Apple Watch is good for something other than monitoring your fitness. Really nice addition to ARC and iOS. Pretty cool. I can just see @nomad ordering his watch now.;)
Steve G

hehe not for now.just had some repair on my destop.
yeah - they're too expensive. Realistically, it makes more sense to use your phone rather than the wrist. It's a novelty to say the least:D But, cool that we did it!
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Can we have a tutorial please for the watch?
There is no tutorial necessary

1) Load ARC Mobile on your iOS device.

2) Load the robot project and connect to the robot.

3) Load ARC on the Apple Watch.

4) Use directional buttons on watch to make robot move. For example, the Right Arrow Button moves the robot RIGHT. The Left arrow button moves the robot Left. and so on..
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Cheers DJ just got it working as you described I needed to add step 2) load the robot project

Did you just get the watch? If so, it's not an actual stand-alone device. The apple watch is an extension to your iOS device. It's actually useless without being connected to a phone or tablet.

In this case, the apple watch is a movement controller for the ARC mobile app. Think of it as a remote control for the ARC mobile app.

The next version of the apple watch app will let you customize the buttons - much like how the current UI works.
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I sometimes use the Watch on its own to play music through Bluetooth in the car or Bluetooth headphones as the watch has its own storage and playlist. I already had an IPhone 6 plus but love answering calls on the Watch as Tim Cook said I've wanted to do that since I was 5!

Also I use Apple Pay from the Watch all the time

Customised buttons will be a great addition

Thanks :)

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Awesome! Yeah - i was spoiled with answering calls on my wrist in 2010 with this watch I got from eBay from china. Surprisingly, it was pretty remarkable! I still have it, but the charging cable is lost so the battery has been dead for a few years. The watch was really robust and quite sexy. It had a real real real black metal case with a large watch face. The OS was some java based thing, that did have apps and you could upload your own. It connected to your phone via bluetooth, and it had a camera on it! The camera wasn't the best quality, but it was sure neat. It also had an FM radio and a micro SD card slow under the battery. The touch screen worked well, and it had a stylist that slid into the side.

To be honest, that watch in 2010 was a little cooler than the apple watch, mainly because it was easily "hackable" and had the camera.

I don't mind my Apple Watch - but it's the only apple product that i haven't fallen in love with... In fact, it's the complete opposite - i truly can care less if i had an apple watch or not. It just doesn't "do it for me" - which is disappointing because with all the wearable tech out there, i was hoping Apple would do it right.

I have to say, the Microsoft Fit Band thingy is pretty remarkable. I do wish it wasn't a plastic cheap-o case and rubber band, but for $249 CAD it isn't a bad price. Specifically when you compare it against my $1,000 Apple Watch! The microsoft band has apps as well, plus the UI is fun to play with. Microsoft doesn't always pay attention to style, i guess that's a reflection of bill gates - wouldn't say he was ever the most stylish individual:D
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Is the apple watch controls still available? I have tried several time to connect the watch to JD but nothing ever comes up? any suggestions?
Unfortunately, the Apple Watch app is no longer available.