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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Strange Behavior Servo

i notest a strange behavior when using window horizontal servo.
when i check the invert direction box.i can move the servo lower or higher,
but when i let go my mouse button the numbers go's automatic back up.
excample i set the servo to 40 degree,let go mous button, degree go's back up to higher 100 degree?

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i made a video so you can see what i mean.

That's been a thing with that silly horizontal or vertical servo control for a few years. I'll make a patch to fix it in a future release. However, in the meantime don't set Invert on the horizontal or vertical servo control.
Ha yah - the reason it never received much attention is because the manual servo controls (horizontal/vertical) are never inverted because there's no real need to do so. So it's just kinda been a thing everyone's accepted lol
then i will eccept it too.xDlol
for fun, i added the update to the latest BETA 2019.12.09.02 if you wanna download it:D
#7   — Edited
it works perfect .and you did that so fast.

thank you