Sabertooth 2 X 32

Hi I have a question about the power outlets P1 and P2 I have a small RC controlled trolly to be used on a construction site. This requires that I have a beeper and flashing light. Hoping to use the Power outlets to operate light and beeper. I seem to be unable to get the power outlets to work. Despite setting the board to brakes and timeout limits to 0 as per manual its not working. As I understand I connect - to the P outlets and + to the main power input Can anyone give me some advice on this? Thanks in advance

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Other community members might jump in here, but I'm not really that familiar with the Sabertooth Motor drivers myself.

I did a quick search and found that Dimension Engineering does has an FAQ Knowledge base and help desk if you can't find the info here.

Here's the link to Dimension Engineering:

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Sounds like you have a Sabertooth 2x32. Have you used the Describe software to set the function of the power outputs P1 and P2? I pretty sure these ports are configured at the factory to be used as voltage clamps.

If not you will have to hook your sabertooth up to your computer, download the free Discribe software from Dimension Engineering and set up these ports to be used as power outputs. The manual Jermie pointed to will guide you through the process nicely. According to the manual you also need to adjust the voltage level to your needs. In this mode the power output is directly controllable. A control setting of 2047 corresponds to full power and a control setting of -2047 corresponds to zero power. You'll need to use your multimeter to see what you actually have as you adjust. looks like you can have a power output up to 33.6V . looks like you will need to choose Controllable Output in the drop down menu of the P port you want to use.

Also make sure you have all your dip switch settings correct. Dip sw3 controls weather you use a battery or power supply.

If you are needing only 5vdv you can just use the 5v port found to the left of P1 & P2. This is a 5vdc power out port. Ports P1 & P2 can handle up to 8 amps but the 5vdv power out port can only handle 1 amp load.


Thanks Jeremie and Dave ... I have searched the Dimension knowledge base and have found nothing near my problem, in fact only one article that mentions power outlets. I do not intend to control the power outlets, just do as the manual suggests ( page 46) use the power outlets as Braking and achieve a power source for my beeper and flashing light when device moves.  Despite using the DEScribe software, setting the power outlets to Braking, uploading and operating (12v battery) whilst using the diagnostics page the power outlets still only register -100%  (off), also have a beeper connected (silent)  Also uploaded latest firmware.  Dip switch setting 1off 2on 3off 4on 5off 6on  using RC Thanks for the input so far


Hi  The answer to my issue has been found  Don't set delays to Zero, have some delay even if small


Very nice. Good to know. I've got several 2x32 sabertooths in my robot and never used P1 & P2 as power outlets. I used them as voltage shunts as I run on power supplies. I get my different voltages needed for other devices from the main power supplies and step down voltage with buck regulators. Now I know how to use them as power outlets! Thanks for your work and sharing your knowledge.


I just upgraded from old version of EZ to Arc. My Sabretooth is very jerky. Before i had a way to set the power to the wheels to a lower level. There is no way to change now. Can I change to speed on each motor if i change the script? I need to have them start at around 25%.


You'd need to post a project or some code or any information that gives some insight on your configuration. What plugin you're using. What code.... etc


Before I was able use setspeed   command. It does not seem to work anymore with the sabretooth. I have a problem with one motor being slower than the other and I was able to control straight by adjusting with this control. Also I set the speed real low, about 10 on one side. This is on InMoov sitting on a long pole. Going full speed and then stopping when power is taken off gives it a jerking movement. BTW any idea when we will be able to use mobile interface again with ARC. Thanks.


Sabertooth speed and setspeed works great. Here's a video. Because there's no Example Project or code, I don't know how else i can help at the moment

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I just tested the Sabertooth control and it works perfectly fine for me... Speed settings included. No problems. FYI I tested it with a sabertooth 2 x 5....

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Looks like you are using Java. Too much code to rewrite on this robot. Using original EZ robot scripting language, SetSpeed. movement doesn't work. I get a syntax error. I uses SetSpeed on previous versios before ARC and worked fine. Has this command made inoperable? Is there a work around?

Can some scripts be in Java and the rest just EZ?

Thanks for the help.

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I was using the built in sabertooth control in the current version of ARC to test. Saying that my current custom movement control written in ez script for the sabertooth works perfectly as well. I will however eventually be converting all my important ez scripts to javascript at some point...


Ok, just not working here on 2 wheel chair motors. Still works ok on previous  version perfectly. Do all scripts need to be Java or can you mix them up?

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I am just guessing here but JavaScript and ez script would be complied differently so I think you have to use either/or... Meaning not together in the same script. Separate scripts however, I assume would be fine... If I were you though, I would start using JavaScript exclusively as ez script is going to possibly be phased out....



Found the problem. I was setting movement up in connection string but when using joystick I didn't realize the Use variable movement speed resets this to whatever joystick throws in. Unchecking the box fixed the problem. Thanks.

I will probably start moving scripts over to Java. Lot of work to do.

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ez script is going to be phased out
I certainly hope not.

Unless I missed something very important DJ has promised ez script is not going to be phased out.

I do want to learn Javascript and eventually convert all or most of my scripts but like jackphillips1953 I have a ton of scripts for my robot.


I hope EZ script isnt phased out too, Im just startingto learn it again, Ive seen Java, not so easy to pick up.


Ideally i'd like to get rid of ezscript, but i guess it doesn't hurt by keeping it in there

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If it doesn't hurt. Let it be.

I think it's the genius and success behind the whole EZ Robot success.

Ya, I know, you have split off from EZ Robot and changed the name of ARC to ARC and totally enhanced the software. But EZ Scrip is the secret that makes it work for everyone. Kinda like the Universal Translator on Star Trek. My advice if it's worth anything,  don't ever let it go.