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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Movement Panel For Robosapien

Hi, I a a nubie with Synthiam and have done much research and searching.  When I first run EZ-Builder it gives me several demo robots to load, one of which is the RoboSapien which I happen to have one.  I figure this would be a great starting project to learn the process however it seems much of the project has going the way of the dodo as when I click for the instructions I get 'page not found' and when I run the file I get an error "System Exception: Unknown control type 'RoboSapienMovementPanel'  Your EZ-Builder may be out of date or require upgrading or be corrupt"  I have downloaded the latest copy and this is a demo project is one the installer suggests. What am I missing?  This would be a perfect first step for me and I would like to make this work.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  J

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For the ir communication, it requires microsecond timing and that was in the firmware of a controller. Extending the arduino ezb firmware protocol is probably your best bet to revive that movement panel. Check the getting started page for supported controllers, such as arduino 

Not all movement panels are built in. See the products page for controls that can be added. Anyone can make a behavior control, and it can also be a movement panel. See the getting started menu option on the website. 

the trouble with the woweee robosapien toy was it’s not a robot and can’t do much - so no one wanted to continue supporting it because it wasn’t interesting. With a hot glue gun, tissue box and a few servos, you can make a more capable robot with a camera that uses machine learning and speech recognition and other leading technologies... so that robosapien toy wasn’t as useful to the community:)
Hi @jmayes

No, there isn't code on the EZ-Bv4 that sends the IR protocol to the Robosapien, you are correct the PC does the work. The Robosapien & Roboquad protocols were supported in the past but have been discontinued. As @Robo Rad suggested, there are other ways to control the Robosapien. You could use Relays or H-Bridges to control the motors, or you could take the electronics (and potentiometer) out of a servo and combine them with the motors on the Robosapien to make them much easier to control with the EZ-Bv4 (or IoTiny).
Thank you for the quick answers!  I was not trying to continue with the robosapien as much as just understand the workflow of the project.  I fully understand the micro-second timing required for IR and why the V3 needed to have a driver in it, in the past I have fed a slave controller timing information for IR and let the slave do the work, since the master is providing all the timing info pretty much anything can be duplicated.  Can I assume this is the direction you went to in the V4?  This is great software, I just need to keep reading and get my feet wet with my first project!   

Thankx again,
You got it - if you decide to learn by hacking the robosapien, there’s an arduino library for it that can be added to the arduino ezb firmware. I found it googling before, should be easy to merge the two into an ezb firmware
Thankx again!  J*cool*