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Ez-Arduino With L293

I used the L293 module connected to arduino, the ultrasonicsensor to make the rotbot automatically avoid obstructions, so when I turned
the arduino into ez-b, I could connect it to L293, the ultrasonic sensor and do that project withez-cript similar to the code C++ II wrote and it doesn't seem to work?
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What tutorials did you follow that weren’t able to assist? You looked at the hbridge control manual? And the ultrasonic distance sensor manual? I don’t see either of those controls added as reference when this question was created.

I would start by following the tutorial on connecting an arduino to ez-builder. If you look at the synthiam's arduino uno hardware page in the getting started guide, there are specific step-by-step instructions.

Here's my recommendation

1) Program the Arduino Uno with latest firmware to turn it into an EZ-B: https://synthiam.com/Hardware/Arduino-Genuino-Uno-17527

2) Follow the steps on the above link to connect EZ-Builder to the Arduino Uno via USB

3) Add the PWM HBridge Movement Panel to your EZ-Builder project and specify the ports in the config for your sheild: https://synthiam.com/Software/Manual/4-Wire-HBridge-PWM-16067

4) Add any of the ultrasonic controls that best suits your requirement for navigation. Simple obstacle avoidance could be done with this: https://synthiam.com/Software/Manual/Ultrasonic-Radar-16101
Oh yes thanks , that's what I should review and will do it tomorrow