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Dynamixel Trouble?


I've just updated to ARC software. I am getting an error on startup regarding the dynamixels in my project. Is this plug-in working with the new ARC software? I looked and can not find any updates for the dynamixel plug in? Thanks      Chris

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Hi, did you check

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Update all the plugins you have installed. When the software loads, it’ll prompt for you to update if there’s an internet connection.


Hi, yes it does say update the plug in. However when I try to do that it says it can’t because there is already a instance or object of it already in arc. It said to shut down ARC and re- try. I tried that and a computer re- boot. Hopefully I’ll get done more time with it tomorrow but I hope I don’t have to delete the plug in that’s already there and set up.


The configuration is saved in the project file.

You don’t have to delete the plugin.

Follow the update instructions and it’ll all be good. Don’t try to update when the plugin has already been loaded. Do the update before it’s been loaded. And you can’t have another copy of ARC running while update. The plugin cannot be in use while updating. I pretty much just repeated the update instruction that you have read :)


So Im really not trying to be a pain in the axx. but I've downloaded the updated dynamixel plug in directly to my desktop. Before even launching ARC I double click on the update and it still fails to install. Says there is already an instance of that plug in. I haven't even opened up ARC yet and it says that????

Thanks again guys



Can you copy and paste the error?


You bet - we'll get you running in no time :D


This is what I get from just double clicking the updated plug in from my desktop. No other programs are running. Thanks  Chris

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This is my project. Could someone please take a look at it? Everytime I open it its worse. Now i have 7 dynamixels plug ins and now the error says its missing a form. And theres other errors I cant seem to get around. Thanks    Chris


I think part of my original problem was I was using IE. After using chrome I was able to get the updated plug ins

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Interesting - it says the file isn't a plugin. I'll take a closer look and get back to you

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Thanks DJ. If you dont mind please take a look at my project I posted. There seems to be lots of errors I cant fix. Thanks



The reason the plugin says it's not a valid plugin is because you gave the file a different name when saving it. The file that's downloaded from the server cannot be changed. The original filename must be used. Do not rename the file when you download it from the website.

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I think Im past that part. But there are many other errors. I cant even get ARC to close. I have to use the task manager to get ARC to close. Everytime I try to X out the error that pops up another one pops up and I cannot ever close the project

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There was a bug in the Advanced Speech Recognition - which i fixed moments ago. Please visit these two pages, download the new plugins and double click the files to update. You'll be rock'n after that :)

Advanced Speech Recognition:



Boom! Thanks DJ!   All back to normal !     Thanks again!                 Chris


You bet! Have fun :)