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I can't complete an upgrade to Ez-Builder. when the program is nearly installed I get this errror Msg. cannot create temporary file. this returns the program to the original install.  What is the temporary file and can I just add it manually.  please help

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I have some error issues as well. I think DJ was up late working on this, so might be awhile before he's up to address the issues.
That’s not an ARC issue. The installation works great - I believe it’s a windows update that’s causing some havoc. Try uninstalling, rebooting and installing. 

The temp file is how windows installs the program. It is a windows behavior, not in our control.
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I have the same issue
Uninstalling won't delete any of my projects right?
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I uninstalled and reinstalled 
And it still shows a new version available.
Installed Version 2018 11 23 00
I am going to try it again and reboot in between
Try re-downloading and installing. I changed the version to 2017.12.17 to ensure it overwrites any havoc from yesterday lol
I ust tried to reinstall Ez-b after DJ repaired and I still get the same error, I have another windows 10 computer and I fresh installed and i get the same error.  what is this temp file that the program cannot find?
I cant help as I didn't get that particular error. I can say the new version from today 12-17 installed without errors for me.
Sounds like a Windows Permission error.  Are you logged in on an account with admin rights?  Are you installing to the default directory?