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You Need Some Cool Sounds?Here

here are lots off cool sounds free.easy download.

cool sounds
User-inserted image

here how it sounds


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I might look at that , have you virus scanned it yet? Any toolbars download with it?
United Kingdom
The downloads are either .wav, .mp3 or .zip, if you stick to the mp3 or wav there wont be any chance of toolbars.

As for virus scanning, they are clean
I am careful with my new ACER because I have not have it set up on my Norton account.
My ASUS showed no flags with Nomads link.
Steve S
thanks for solving this allreddy rich&steve
United Kingdom
Steve, going off on a slight tangent here but I would advise against Norton for more reasons than I care to list but the main one being that it is extremely resource hungry and, depending on the package, can cause huge problems just getting the PC to boot if it plays up (the full blown security package modifies the MBR which requires a special disc from Norton in order to make the hard drive usable in anything... I've had 2 clients encounter this and it is a headache to say the least. AVG (Free) is perfectly suitable for my requirements and I have a lot of network traffic from many "unsavoury" sources that can't always be trusted.

However, if in doubt of any download and you don't have AV software run it through Virus Total
Thank you Rich for the tips on virus software.
Steve S