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Yay Or Nay For These Regulators?

Would everyone agree on the following choices? If not, post you opinion.

1. Servos:
I will hook all my servos(3-4 max) through this regulator and run it at 7 volts.


2. 5Volt devices:
I will run all 5 volt devices off of these, multiple depending on current draw


3. Relay:
I will use this relay to trigger high voltage devices(12v buzzer for example) from the ez-b


Anyone think I could use something different? I want to be efficient in power and space.

Let me hear your opinion!



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Wait a few days:) We are adding our 5v regulator by early next week on the website

If you really want the best regulator - the LM1084 that we used on the EZ-B v3.
Hey Tech... if you can solder half decent and need these regs asap, you can buy some LM1085 off of ebay and solder/splice them into servo ext wires....

I am planning on buying some of DJ's regs when they hit the store, but I needed to make my own when I first got my ezb4...
I think that those regs DJ posted can be put into sensor wiring and small servos, correct?
You mean the LM1084s? Yes.... However, DJ's store version would be plug and play... If you need them for servos you can get a 6V version LM7806 (albeit rated only for 1.5amps).... I use them for my servos and they work great.... Of course the LM1084s will work for the servos as well as sensors too, but they only supply 5v (which is probably good enough for most servos still).....
@DJ Sures


Wait a few days Smile We are adding our 5v regulator by early next week on the website

are they for sale yet
I can find them anywhere in the store for sale so I would say "no". I wonder when if ever they will be for sale.

In the mean time there are tons of BICs available for sale all over Ebay and Amazon, You just need to decide what your voltage output and amp needs are and buy accordingly. @RobotDoc just posted a good BIC on Ebay with a small footprint for small current needs of under 1.8 amps:

User-inserted image
The 5V regulator that DJ was referring to took us a little while to figure out in terms of manufacturing but I can confirm its on its way very soon.
Brill I'd prefer to wait for EZ stuff