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Wrong Direction Of Jd'S Head

Hello, I just got this week the two JD humanoid robots i've ordered, and one of the heads seems like it screwed in the opposite direction. when i put the head in the direction such that the eyes are turning forward, the head can't lean forward because its basis it standing on is not in the frontal part, but rather relatively backward.(the vertical cabel is in the back) When i tried to move the head 180 degrees so that it would be in the right place as the other robot, i couldn't do it because after 90 degrees the movement is blocked. Is there another way to fix it?


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@Orit see here... JD's Head servo calibration

You will probably have to remove the brackets from both head servos and reset those servos to 90 deg then reassemble... It's pretty straight forward


>>It's pretty straight forward @RichardR and you didn't follow that with a "ba-dum-bum-CHING!" :)

@Orit I think RichardR's advise was spot on. If you encounter questions along the way don't forget you can upload pictures.


Hi Orit,

How is it going with the JD's head calibration?


I apologize for the delay, i was off work this month. I will use the calibration guide and i'll tell you if i'll have any problems. Thank you very much for your help! Orit


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Ok cool, thanks Orit! Let us know how it turns out! :)