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Writing Scripts

OK. Here we go again. This is what I want to do. I say the robots name (BGee) then I want it to look to the left and then to the center (looking straight ahead). I went to the SPEECH window. I typed in "BGee" under "phrase" and then typed: Servo(d10, 36, 1) That didn"t work! I typed: Servo(d10, 1) That worked and it looked left. If I want more then one action do I need to write a script? I've also written a script that makes BGee dance ( a series of arm and head movements). That works when I click on "start"! In this case I want to say the phrase: BGee dance for us" then get the bot to execute the script I wrote.

If I understand this from the "ScriptConsole manual" correctly; I'd have to add a "ControlCommand" at the beginning of the dance script. Do I have that much right? I tried writing the following: ControlCommand (" speech" then give a command). Like so: ControlCommand("speech", BGee dance for us") That didn't work! It would probably help a lot if there were better examples!!!! The one given under ControlCommand reads: Example: ControlCommand("ADC Graph", pause)

At this point all I know about ADC ports is that they "read" an analog signal from various sensors. So....................that example didn't help me at all!!!!! It would be great if we could download (and use an an example) an entire script; say from the Omnibot project. I've ended up pretty much wasting another whole day trying to do one simple thing!!!!

I know; I know..... you've tried to make your instructions as easy as possible DJ. Even fer a absolute beginner like me!!! should use me as the "benchmark" as the absolute worst example of a newbie!!!!!!!! Another question. Once you get a script written, and the bot executes all the movement; repeated. How do I get it to stop? Or stop and then execute another script? I sure am a pain,heh DJ? I guess that enuff fer now. While I'm waiting for a reply I'll go back and read the introduction, getting started and tuts.........AGAIN! I was really hoping to have a bot up and running by now!!! Here I thought this was going to be easy!!!


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1.Write a script which goes something like this:

Servo(D10, 36) Sleep(1000) Servo(D10, 1)

This will turn the servo one way, wait for one second and then turn the other way. Without the sleep the two commands will try to begin at the same time.

  1. Call this script "Name Call"

  2. Go to the Speech Recognition and type in the phrase collumn "B-Gee". You may have to experiment with some variations such as Bee-Gee.

  3. In the command collumn across from your phrase type in ControlCommand("Name Call", ScriptStart). This will start the script. If you want to stop a script type ControlCommand("NameCall", ScriptStop).

You wrote ControlCommand("speech", BGee dance for us"), this is incorrect. To write this corrrectly this would be ControlCommand("speech", Bgee dance for us). The script has to be called "script" and not "Script" for it to start.

("ADC Graph", pause) is incorrect as well. Correctly it should read ControlCommand("ADC Graph", PauseOn). This is the same for PauseOff.

I hoped that helped. I was once in your shoes. Being thirteen I don't have any programming experience so it was harder for me to pick it up. Be free to ask questions but be careful not too critisize to much. DJ has worked so hard for this. People seem to notice the bad things much more than the good things, especially if they are aiming to buy the product. ARC is easy but it still requires some basic understanding of the commands and theory.


The "script console" is a console, not a script control. The script console is an interface for real-time script input. Just like the manual says (if you click on the question mark of the control).

What you want is a "Script" control, located under Scripting.

  1. add a script control (Add Control -> Script)

  2. press the configure button on the script control

  3. change the name of the script control to "Dance"

  4. add the following code into the script

say("i am going to dance")


servo(d10, 10)


servo(d10, 60)


servo(d10, 10)

  1. press save

  2. add a "speech recognition" control

  3. press teh configure button

  4. add a phrase "dance please"

  5. add this text to script code for that phrase: ControlCommand("Dance", startScript)

  6. press save

now say "Dance please"

Note: Download Wall-E's EZB file from the Robot page. There are many examples in that file. Like i have stated before, ignore the omni-bot files because they are old and will be deleted.

Omnibot didn't run on ARC. Omnibot ran the SDK. Omnibot was pre ARC having that much power. ARC was designed by omnibot.


Hey! I am supposed to be telling him. Now you are just stealing the spotlight


Well thanks again!!!!!! I don't mind who tells me as long as I can glean an answer. So, in this instance, thank you both. Man!!!!!!!! I'm being taught by a 13 year old!!!! What has my world come to? LoL Believe it or not I'm a retired architectural engineer. Y'd think I'd have an easier time with this! Actually, I'm still having issuses dealing with the effects of the stroke I had. Talk about frustration!!!! I am very hard on myself when I have difficulty doing things that used to come so naturally. A stroke is a life altering experience! I used to be very articulate.Now there are times I just can't find the right word. Having an extremely difficult time excepting my limitations.I think this robot thing has become a personal challenge for me. It will mean a great deal to me to find sucess with all this. If I sound hyper critical at times; I don't mean it. I realize that DJ has been tireless in his efforts to bring robotics to the people! He must have the patience of Job!!!!!! I will mack a concerted effort to tone down the criticisim, and ask questions "in a kinder, gentler way"!


:) Click

Creativita, You said absolutely everything correct. I actually had taken a long time to type that out and didn't even know you had! I had this window open for ever because I was doing about 500 other things. Took me almost an hour to click Reply.

Until I saw your post now, i had no idea you had replied. Sorry bro. You deserve the spotlight on this one!


Why is our body and mind so vulnerable? Our brain is the equivalent of a super computer but it can fail in so many ways. A stroke is just one of the many things that can happen, sadly. My grandad suffered a minor strike a few years ago. Thankfully he is fine now but it was a horrible experience.

The EZ-B is definitely a great place to start. Once you get into it, programming robots is based upon the extent of your imagination, not your knowledge. The scripting language becomes a second nature and all you have to do is think of something new to make.


My great grandfather was hospitalized due to a stroke also. I was young, and he was in there for a very long time. His mind was there, I could tell. But he couldn't interact. And he swore a lot, which made visiting him pretty funny for a kid :)

The scripting language is actually quite easy once you lose the mis-conception of it being hard. It is a "Script" of "Commands". And each command is documented along the right window pain, in the script help section. You can read the command descriptions.

Creativita is posting many fantastic examples. All of which have my stamp of approval :)

Lloyd, turn that fustration into excitement. Because think of it this way... You're experiencing "learning" again. That's something we don't do often as adults. Remember the last time you felt this fustration? You were probably 8 years old. :)


Everyone has difficulties to start with. Just keep trying and asking questions. You will begin to gain experience and you will understand everyting perfectly. The forums will become a place where you share your knowledge and not seek answers. I assure you that you will learn much faster than you think. The best thing about being frustrated is that once you make it work you feel incredibly satisfied and ready to face the next obstacle. I must admit that DJ makes it look much, much easier than it is to start with. With robotics there are always problems. DJ is just so experienced he know exactly how to avoid these problems. He did write the program after all. The EZ-B is a brilliant start, as I said before, but you don't need to stop once you have mastered it. There are so many different possibilities. You just have to realise what they are


Oh, also remember that BGee would be pronounced "bah-ghee" and not "bee gee" like you think. Remmeber, you made up a word out of english pronouncation. So what you'd want to type is "bee gee" instead of BGee. Understand?

Even a human wouldn't read that as "Bee Gee" unless they were told. I see "Bah Ghee"

Same thing with EZ-Robot... A computer would say "EHZ ROBOT" . you'd have to actually type "easy Robot"


Well Creativita, you speak with a wisdom that seems beyond your years. You appear to be a very intelligent young man. You just may be a genius in the making. Another Steve Jobs or Bill Gates perhaps. I'm quite sure that DJ Sures name will become very well known. It's not ideas that I lack, only experience with the ARC system. I'm quite sure that once I master the system I'll have projects enough to keep me busy until my end of days. My long term objective is to create robots that can aid me as I age. You see, I have other physical limitations. I was wounded in Vietnam and have a disabilities. As a result of my wounds I am also afflicted with severe arthritis. Consequently my body is failing me with each passing year. So, robotics is much more then a hobby to me. It may well be a ways and means to maintain my independence in years to come. So, I hope everyone can bear with me as I find my way into robotics.


Oh, we'll have a real robot humanoid on our hands soon enough! :)


Thanks for the heads up on the spelling thing. I'll keep it in mind as I write scripts.


Try it by typing this in the script console (turn your volume up):

say("Hello I am BGee")

What does it say? That's how the computer hears also